Saturday, September 10, 2011

snippets of home

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Two months ago we packed up our goods and moved to our new house just outside of town.

Like a brand new pair of jeans, it took a bit for this place to fit and feel just right. And boy does it. It's worn and soft and comfy. And familiar. Sometime within the first few weeks I was able to move about in the dark {for those random 3am Josiah wakeups} without running into walls. I reach for and find items in the kitchen on the first try.

This is home.

We really love it here.

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Here we cluster our special trinkets together on bookshelves, watch reality television in the family room downstairs, and wade through mounds of laundry. This is my place to pile unused pool balls on top of each other in a vase and call it a centerpiece. I pluck the 99 cent bouquet of flowers from the grocery and place them around every room.

I smile because I like it here.

A few walls have been painted, but most still are just as they were when we moved in. Like thepink room where I've piled a bunch of things that I haven't found a place for yet. That door remains closed for obvious reasons. Most of the carpeting in our ranch home is circa 1970, but it's still got some life in it so it'll stay for a while yet.

Josiah loves that his room is close to ours. He can see our door from his little bed which makes his 2-year-old world a better place. At our rental house, he was upstairs and we were down and made him uneasy. Now in the early mornings, he'll come stumbling in all sleepy eyed and climb into our bed to cuddle. Those moments are priceless. He'll even fall back to sleep sometimes and that rocks my world.

house 30
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There's a three seasons porch that we think is pretty swell. It sits just off of the kitchen. At the present time the floor is covered in some funky green turf. I wanted it gone yesterday, but Josh insists that it must stay. {Check back soon to see who wins that battle!} Out on the porch, we enjoy dinners on the patio set {that needs spray paint asap} and we just sit and chat at night after the day is done. And then we bicker some more about the green turf.

We've never had a backyard as large as the one here {hence the John Deere}. It's super private and has beautiful, mature trees. A row of rose of sharon trees line our property. They're in bloom right now. There's a wooded lot next to us with trails and dirt bike jumps and farmland behind us. Croquet matches and kickball games are played.

Si could play out in the back endlessly. He loves to dig and collect treasures and gallop til the sun goes down. He also loves that there are SO many frogs and bugs living in our yard. It's unreal! Every time I walk out the door, I have to check around me to make sure the coast is clear!

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We decided to tackle the kitchen this week. And when I say "we" I really mean The Preacher Man. I assist him and let him boss me around because carpentry is his thing. And because he's doing this all in his "free" time, which means he stays up until 2am every night. Love that man.

He ripped up the floor {blue carpeting and yellowish linoleum!} and is laying down purdy new tile as we speak. I can hear the trowel scraping the floor every 5 seconds. Music to my ears.

There's also been a lot of paintin' and wall paper removin' and nailin' happening the past few days. Even though it's chaotic living with all of the appliances in the living room, things are shaping up nicely around here! I find myself standing in the kitchen and smiling. Then I smooch my hubs for being my favorite-house-transforming-carpenter-hero. And then I walk into the living room to grab a snack from the refrigerator.

house collage 3house 32house 33
So that is our new house in a nutshell! It's perfect for us and we are thankful for every inch of it. The pretty corners and the chaos and the possibilities. And the life moments spend here in this place.

This is home. I'll share more of it with you soon!


  1. I'm so glad you shared - I just loved seeing pictures of your new home! It is beautiful and I love your decorations. Your yard sounds divine - the perfect place for that little boy of yours :)

    Llama Llama is one of our favorite books around here!

    Maybe now that you're settled we can try to figure out another get together? I'd love to see you and introduce you to Nathan :)

  2. thanks for sharing - what a fun yard to explore in too. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

  3. thanks for sharing - what a fun yard to explore in too. Can't wait to see the finished kitchen.

  4. I love it! Your pictures are fabulous. Can't wait to see who wins the battle of the turf :)

  5. I love, love your little touches!! The pool balls, flowers, etc... perfect and homey!!

  6. Oh Rach... it looks *absolutely perfect*!!! Please, please keep sharing... I love it!!!

  7. I'm so glad you shared these photos of your new home! It looks very cute and you guys have already fixed it up so nicely. And your yard sounds wonderful!! It makes me happy that you three are happy in your new place. :)

  8. I so agree with feels so wonderful and peaceful. So happy you guys are in your home and you are settled. Enjoy making it your home. :) Btw...I soooo loved all the snippets of your home! LOVE!

  9. Your house looks absolutely perfect!!!! :) Glad you are settling in :)

  10. This post just screams "Rachel!" And I mean that in the most awesomest way possible. Can I move in, really?

  11. I agree with JoJo! At first I thought some of your photos were taken off pinterest but then I realized this was you already decorating your house - holy smokes, you've got the touch. You know just how to make a house a home, Rachel. It's just lovely. I LOVE the pool balls in the vase idea. It's so colorful and funky! Oh and the yard DOES sound amazing. Btw, how fitting that you have Rose of Sharon growing- the Korean national flower!! Keep us posted on all your wonderful progress, my friend.

  12. Wow, your new home looks amazing! Your photos are wonderful. I'm so glad to hear you're getting settled in to your new home!

  13. So pretty! Love the pool ball centrepiece. The trails in the yard will provide lots of adventures!



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