Saturday, October 8, 2011

bucket list chatter

I'm a list person.

Whether I am marking things down in the grocery store aisles or writing out to-do's at home, it's uplifting to check things off as I go along my merry way.

And last week I got to check something big off of my bucket list.

Dear wonderful friends of ours, Steve and Charis, were gifted four tickets to the Green Bay Packer game and asked Josh and I to come with them! I'm a Wisconsin girl through and through and had never been to a game at Lambeau this was definitely something I hoped to do in life. This opportunity was pretty special considering every game is sold out and Packer tickets are not cheap and easy to come by. The hubs and I were giddy for weeks leading up to the game!

packer game statdium_
packer game 16packer game 17
Our seats {8th row, 20 yard line} were amazing and so close to all the action. Lambeau itself is smaller than I pictured it to be, but fantastic. The energy is high and fun. Everyone is over the top friendly....which is a good thing, because you're smooshed up against them on all sides for four hours. I high-fived strangers and listened to them chat easily about the Packer players like those guys down on the field were their own sons or neighbors or friends. It's a community owned team and you can tell. I love that.

The Green and Gold won, no problem.

It was a really, really good day.

Checking this Packer game off of my bucket list made me want to gather up other bits that deserve a spot on there, too.

Like bake a pie from scratch.

Learn to drive a stick shift.

Read two books a month.

Consistently wake up before my kid so enjoyable, productive mornings can occur.

Grow a vegetable and flower garden.

I didn't say it had to all be earth shattering. ;-) Just things I'd like to accomplish or experience in this life I've been blessed with.

packer game 8
packer game 10
packer game 6
But there are a few bigger things on the list, too.

Walk Jesus' steps in the Holy Land.

Grow our family.

Explore Korea again.

Visit Nigeria where my grandparents were missionaries.

Hula at a luau in Hawaii.

Wine and dine in Italy.

packer game 7
packer game 14packer game 19
Admire quarterback Aaron Rodger's smile from behind a chain link fence.

Check. ;-)

Don a rain poncho on a boat at Niagara Falls.

Be an extra in a movie.

Zipline over.....something.

Read the Bible chronologically in one year. And the next year and the next.

Get my photos organized. All nine hundred eighty five million of them. Finally. Print the good ones. Weed through the others. Back everything up again. Etc. etc.

Play a round of golf with The Preacher Man. Golf is his thing and he'd like to me try.

Run a half marathon.

Take ballroom dance class. The hubs and I have done this and had a blast! We need to take it up again.

Seek out those in need and help.

Hold a koala. Or touch a dolphin.

Gather a group of friends for one of those "paint your own pottery" parties.

Keep plugging away at my fun Pinterest challenge.

packer game 13
packer game statdium 2packer game 9packer game us
Spend an entire day doing random, kind things for people in our community.

Form and host a mom's group at our church.

Snow ski. I've never tried it. I used to think I couldn't water ski, but I can and it's a thrill.

Take lots and lots of photos. Improve my photography skills. And then print the good ones.

Send out one hand written letter each week to someone that I love.

Throw a hoedown party in our backyard. Seriously, y'all, I can't wait for this!

Be the very best wife and mom {and friend and daughter and sister} I can be.

Do things even when I'm afraid.

And the list goes on. I'll stop there for now. But I'll keep thinking and adding and checking things off.

So what about you? What would top your own bucket list?


  1. Getting up before my kids is one of my goals, too. I think I'll wait until I can get a FULL night's sleep first. :P Love your list. Love the pictures. Love Aaron Rodgers. Seriously... might need a copy of that pic. :)

  2. What a fun day! I'm so glad you got to check this experience off your bucket list. I'm with you on waking up before your kiddo! I think that will be on my list until they are teenagers and sleep past 10. :)

  3. awesome - your list, the game!!!, the photos, time you and PM with friends. And waking up before the kids...yeah, I'm with you there too.

  4. Looks so fun and such a great place to see football. Glad you had a good time.

  5. Love your lists. And that view from the football game was amazing...even if the team is questionable:)!

  6. Looks like a perfect day for a football game! And I love your list... so many wonderful things on there!

  7. WOW!!! That is awesome, and what amazing picture you have too:)

  8. Awesome post! It really seems like you guys had so much fun! :) You can tell by the pictures.

    Also on a misplaced note but I just have to say... your son is such a beautiful kid with very very expressive korean eyes haha. Love his chubby little face. :)


  9. Love checking things off of my bucket list, too. One of my hopes is to visit Australia (seems like such a cool place!) and learn another language fluently enough to communicate with the locals when I go there. Although I'd love for this to be Korean, I doubt that will happen after taking my first class and struggling through it. :)

  10. Your list is an awful lot like mine. :) So fun! Thanks for sharing.



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