Monday, November 21, 2011

go on. do it afraid.

Yesterday my kid broke a hand towel holder off of the bathroom wall.

He was "skateboarding" {around these parts that means "water skiing"} and whoops, the thing snapped. I scolded Josiah, but I really wanted to replace that old gaudy gold thing anyway.

This incident reminded me of our late summer trip out on our friends' boat. They invited us for an afternoon of skiing and tubing and we were all for it.

While SiGuy is full of spunk and adventure, he's also quite timid and shy at times. When new things pop up, I'm not always sure how he'll react. He tubed last summer for the first time behind the slowest pontoon boat of all time and loved it. This time around he was a bit leery of hopping on the tube, but went for it.

He did it afraid and I smiled until my cheeks hurt watching him

tubing 4
tubing 1
tubing 5
tubing 7
I've said it a thousand times and I'll say it another thousand.

I have so many big lessons to learn from this little person.

I hold back all too often and miss out on the good. The fun, the thrill. So what if I get splashed and sprayed in the face a bit? Wipe it off. It's bumpy and there's a possibility of falling off? Just hold on a little tighter.

Do it afraid.

It's leaps and bounds better than missing out on the joy.

tubing 2


  1. Wow. Now you have me learning from that little guy too... :) I can't tell you how much this spoke to me. "Do it afraid". I need to adopt that mantra.

  2. This is a great post! Firstly, the pictures are adorable! Second, what a great lesson to share. As I get older I get braver with my decsions. Like holding onto God for, instead of say the tree, the dock, or the rope. Ultimatly, He's got you, he'll let you sit on the sidelines and be "safe" but then like you said you miss out on certain Joys. If you put that fear in God's hands...well it won't be fear for long now will it?

  3. i love the look on his face in the last photo!



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