Monday, November 7, 2011

monday morning chat

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Monday means getting my act together.

I forever tend to let things slip over the weekend, so today will bring lots of picking up and tossing away. Between games of Candy Land and such, I'll be doing just that.

You know what makes chores much more pleasant? Holiday music. Yes, y'all. I busted out the Christmas tunes for the first time today. Croon on Michael Buble. Belt it Josh Groban. Swoon me with your delicious voices.

Are you listening already, too??

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As you can see, Si dressed as McQueen for Halloween. He was that red race car through and through - all the way down to his undies. Even his little black jeans were Route 66....a tidbit I didn't notice until I was getting him ready to head out. The red cap was a hoot. Either Josiah has a huge head or the "Size 6" label on the costume was a bit of a stretch. Small hat or not, he was pretty stinkin' cute.

The businesses in our tiny downtown community hand out candy and treats to the kiddos. It's fun and easy and our boy made a huge haul. After that we made the rounds on our "old folk" from church. Each and everyone of them beamed BEAMED when we rang their doorbells. We love them all so dearly.

Less than a week and the SiGuy turns three! Seriously, how is that even possible??? We're keeping things low key this year party-wise. He had big shindigs for both his 1st and 2nd, so for his 3rd it'll be the three of us. We'll make a cake and eat it, too. Throw in some streamers and a balloon or two and call it a great birthday. My family is coming for Thanksgiving, so I'm sure more birthday confetti will be sprinkled then, too.

Three years old. Just typing that makes me a bit sniffly. But then I ask Josiah if he's still my baby and he answers "yes" even though he tells everyone else and their brother that he's a big boy. And all is right in my mama heart.

Have a happy week!

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  1. si may be the cutest mcqueen ever!!!!

  2. That is a pretty cute Mcqueen!! Enjoy your Christmas music ;)

  3. LOVE him in his costume. So. Stinkin'. CUTE.

  4. Love that costume!! Joel would love it, too. I can't believe our boys are turning three in less than a week. And I bet Josiah will love any sort of party you throw him, especially if cake is involved!



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