Monday, November 28, 2011

these lights

shine 4
shine 1
shine 3
shine 2
A thousand little lights twinkle on our tree tonight.

Si snores in his bed and The Preacher Man is working. Our dinner mess is still on the table and a treadmill jog is on the agenda, but nothing seems more right in this moment than sitting here taking in this soft glow.

Christmas tunes hum from my laptop. This one and this one play. Those little lights stretch and flare as I wipe my cheek. These songs always do this to me. Tug at my heart and fill me up til the tears spill over. Reminders that Love came down as a baby and saved the world.

I take tree decorating slow. Tomorrow we'll hang ornaments and garland. I'll move half the ones Josh puts on 'cause he always wants all of his favorite ones at the top middle center.

Tonight, though, these lights are more than enough.

Happy Advent, dear friends.


  1. one of my favorite things is to sit and do nothing while enjoying the glow of the christmas tree. there's nothing like it. i bet you are having fun decorating your new place for the holidays!

  2. So pretty! I wish I could do white lights, they are so pretty, but something inside me can't pass up the colored lights. The last two years I've "let go" and allowed the kids to "help" and yes they clump everything in the front middle. This year Nina said "Now Nick, just because you put it there doesn't mean Mom won't move it!" I had to laugh, it's true, then she would ask "Is this a front or a back ornament?" Ah, she's learning! ;0) I need a bigger tree, we have tall ceilings and my old tree is skinny, so I think this we be the year to get a new tree (after Christmas of course!) That way they will be more "front room". Cheers, I hope you had a nice glass of cocoa in your hand.

  3. Beautiful. =) You take such amazing pictures.

  4. lovely... just lovely...
    listening to those songs now

  5. Beautiful! I just love this time of Advent, too.



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