Tuesday, November 22, 2011

when my boy turned three

On the 13th, the minutes were filled up and overflowed with all things birthday. Si's very favorites were sprinkled all over and he smiled the whole day through.

Balloons. Fish. McQueen. Chocolate milk. Party hats. Dragons. Cake.

We spent the morning at church and the rest of the day was his for the taking.

birthday boy 7
birthday boy 8
birthday boy 9
birthday decorations 2
birthday decorations 1
birthday boy 6
birthday boy 5
birthday boy 3
birthday boy 2 b&w
birthday boy 1
birthday 3
birthday boy 10birthday 1
birthday boy 11
birthday boy 13birthday 2
birthday boy 14
with mama on si's 3rd birthday 2

si's day balloons 3
si's day balloons 6
si's day balloons 1 b&w
birthday cake 7
birthday cake 3
birthday cake 5
birthday cake 6
birthday cake 9
birthday cake 4
birthday cake 8
Josiah, I didn't get to hold you on the day you were born. And I don't have the details of that first day to share with you - those are memories that belong to your birth mama, who I think of so often. But what I can share is that you are so deeply, incredibly, fiercely loved. In your short three years, your sweet spirit has left a stamp on many hearts. God's plan for you is as wide and high as His love for you.

You make every day a celebration kind of day. Your daddy and I adore you and count each moment with you a gift.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Love.

with mama on si's 3rd birthday b&wsi's day balloons 5 b&w


  1. What a special birthday celebration for Si! I love the fish cut-outs, the cake, the balloons, and most of all his big smile. Happy 3rd birthday Si!

  2. That cake is adorable!! You are so creative! I know Si had a great time. =)

  3. So sweet, loved everything. I think I might have to borrow the birthday card banner idea!

  4. awesome cake !!!! thanks for sharing his birthday with us. I can see the love of your family in the pictures.

  5. josiah's birthday looks awesome! a seriously special celebration for a special little boy! and i love the birthday cake! all the little details you thought of are great! happy birthday josiah! we miss you tons!!!!

  6. Holy cow... you ROCK Mama!!! This is one awesome day for a very special, very loved little boy!

  7. I absolutely love how you celebrated the day! What special, fun touches for a special boy. I love every single photo here, Rach, but especially the second to last one of you and your sweetheart. Happy, happy day Josiah! Oh and the cake is a-DOR-able especially with Ferris in the background :)

  8. Happy belated Birthday, Josiah! What a beautiful day for a beautiful boy and his beautiful family. Everything looked so festive and perfect for a 3-year-old!



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