Thursday, December 8, 2011

as heard in our house the last few days

Because I don't want to forget the good stuff......

Me: Let's sing our Christmas hymn. How about Joy to the World? {I start belting it}
The kid who has seen Cars eight hundred times: {cutting me off} Umm, that's nice, but how 'bout "Kachow!! Dadgum!!" instead?

before church 3
Me: Listen for your name to be called.
The kid who has a lot of nicknames: You mean Josiah or Big Boy?

Si as I tucked him into bed: Tonight was a very special night, Mama. You know, because of the pretty orgaments on the tree. And because the Green Bay Packers win that game that other day against those naughty Lions. And Jesus died on the cross.

Me: Josiah, what are you doing over there?
The karate kid: My just punching people. Just pretend. I jump and get 'em and then squish them in the garbage and then eat 'em. {huh?}
Me: Ok, just be careful.

before church 1
Me: Si, you are a very nice boy.
The kid who watches way too many Santa Christmas programs: No, I mean. I'm on the mean list.

My calm boy: Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Mamaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Help help help!!!!!!!!
Me: {running to see the awful thing happening to my sweet babe} What is it???
The kid who watches way too many Santa Christmas programs: It's the biggest naughtiest snow monster I have ever ever seen!! {frantically pointing out the front window. there is nothing there. obviously.}

before church 4
before church 2
Me: Take these things to your room, please.
Smartypants: {he grimaces and grabs his knee} I can't, Mama. My leg is broken.
Me: {trying not to laugh} Josiah YeJoon, I am going to count to three. If you aren't carrying these things to your room by then, there will be a consequence.
My perfectly obedient child: How 'bout 5 seconds?

My boy: Mama {or Daddy}, I have a secret for you.
I love you, Mama. You're my favorite.
Me: Aww, I love you, too, sweetie. You're my best boy.

There's more. A whole bunch more. These are just the bits I remembered to jot down right away! This kiddo of ours is a mesh of spunk and silly and sweet. And I love it.

before church 5


  1. SO SWEET! I have been thinking about doing a Sam Says on my blog toO! They are just TOO funny at this age!

  2. His broken leg comment was my favorite! :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE (!) the fun things our boys are saying at this age. I crack up a LOT around here & I can tell you do too. Josiah: you are hilarious...and super sweet. What a GREAT combination.

  4. Oh man, what a character! I love it!!! He certainly does have the perfect mix of sweet and spunk!



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