Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Si and Santa :: take two

Si and I made a trip to see Santa today.

Josiah wore his reindeer sweater and a grin. He was excited, but stayed true to his personality by sitting quietly and burying his face in his Blue for most of our wait in line. 

santa and si 17 santa and si 14 santa and si 8 santa and si 7 santa and si 13 santa and si 11 santa and si 2 santa and si 23
santa and si 5 santa and si 21 santa and si 22 santa and si 1 santa and si 20
When it was his turn, SiGuy hopped right up on Santa's lap. Just like last year, Santa was kind and patient. Josiah answered Mr. Claus' questions about who came along with him today {best friend Blankey Blue}, how old he is {five!}, and what he'd like for Christmas {a fish}. And then what do you know, the elf started squeaking a toy fish to get Si to look at the camera. From that moment on, all he could concentrate on was getting his hands on that thing!

santa and si 3 santa and si 12 santa and si 19 santa and si 18 santa and si 25 si and santa
Just look at my tiny SiGuy with Santa! I love comparing old pictures with new ones. 

This is the first year that Si is really grasping Christmas as a holiday that celebrates Jesus' birth....and also one that brings lots of red and green and sparkly things.

I shared here last year that for various reasons we don't "do" Santa on Christmas Day. I think it's obvious, though, that we enjoy him greatly as a character like Mickey and Lightning McQueen. Si thinks his ho ho hos and reindeer and jingle bells are pretty spectacular. But when Josiah tells Santa what he has on his wish list, he is not expecting Mr. Claus to actually bring him goodies and set them under the tree. For now, he has no clue that that's what Santa "does". But my boy's wide eyes and excitement are proof that Santa's magic and charm isn't lost just because he doesn't believe that. :) And that makes my heart happy. 

Three days til Christmas Eve!! 

santa and si 24


  1. I love this series of photos!! I've never thought of photographing the wait in line... brilliant! And that photo of the two together?! Precious!

  2. Sweetest Santa pictures ever! Merry Christmas!

    Enjoy your little family!

  3. [better late than never!]
    Those pictures are so beautiful! I love how you didn't just take pics of S & S, but also the surroundings - you can feel the festive atmosphere.



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