Wednesday, December 14, 2011

these two

snowman 1
snowman 5
josiahs fort_
These two.

Daily they team up and create and laugh and live it up. Their inside jokes are a plenty and they consume hot cocoa together by the gallon. The two of them build snowmen with wild leafy hair and forts with signs that put this mama in her place. Eventually, though, they let me in and include me in the fun. I'm a girl, but I'm not so bad after all.

Living out life with these two is an adventure. They make my days sweet and fill it up with good. I love them to bits.

These two are keepers.

snowman 4


  1. cute :)

    And Live Nativity is awesome. I am sure Joel would be happy to share the whole thing with Josh too.

  2. Oh, those two are just too adorable! I love that Snowman and his crazy hair! The fort sign totally cracked me up :)

  3. what sweet boys! (btw... is that a cigar in the snowman's mouth?)

  4. Yes, yes they are!! I LOVE that fort. (sorry) So cute and sweet in it's own way...

  5. Yes, Krista, that would be a cigar! Thankfully Snowman's the only one smoking one around here. :-)

  6. I love the snowman! Si and Josh are definitely a cute team. And I'm very jealous of that snow...



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