Sunday, December 4, 2011

a trifecta

There are days when I feel the cold deep in my bones. I pile on the layers of sweatpants and fleece, but I just can't shake off the chill. I feel that way today, which seems strange as there isn't even snow on the ground yet. But it's drizzling rain and the cold is creeping in.

So I'm huddled in my bed with thick blankets and a heating pad set on high. You know what's better than a heating pad in the winter months? Nothing. Nada. Crank one up and you'll agree.

There's perhaps only one thing that could make me more comfortable right now. I decided many moons ago that I need a Snuggie. Folks may jest about them, but I've read the reviews. They're no joke when it comes to keeping warm while remaining hands free. The one thing I have left to figure out is the style - plaid? leopard? zebra?

A cup of hot cocoa is also high on my couldn't possibly survive the long winter without this list. Especially when it comes steaming in mug dressed as a snowman. With earmuffs.

I can honestly say when I started typing out this post, that I had no clue where it was headed. And now we know. In summary, winter's tush can be kicked with just 3 things: heating pad, Snuggie, cocoa.

The trifecta.

cocoa 8
cocoa 2
cocoa 3
cocoa 7
cocoa 9
cocoa 1
Happy weekend! Stay warm.


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  2. Get the Wonderwoman one for you, & Superman for Josh!

  3. A friend bought me an electric version of the Snuggie (different name brand though). It is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!



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