Saturday, December 17, 2011

weekend misc.

our house this christmas 25 our house this christmas 22
1. Every time I look at this popsicle-stick-chinese-takeout-box-finger-puppet-manger-set I grin. And then I have the urge to hold my arms out to the side. 

2. I burned myself hot gluing up 35 stables after I individually wrapped 216 of those figures in tissue paper. Thankfully a sweet friend helped me. All for Jesus. And the kid's happy faces, too. 

3. Apparently I'm a glutton for glue gun punishment because I just announced to Josh that I'm going to make an ornament for each family of our church by Christmas Eve. Stay tuned for the aftermath. 

4. Our Christmas holiday letter has yet to be written. I should be writing it now, but I'm not. Clearly.

5. Why not just mail the cards without the letter? you ask. Tempting, but no dice. To me it would be like eating an Oreo without the filling. No fun at all.

6. My dear friend, Sue, and her family are in Korea right now. They've been waiting since last November, ya'll, to bring home their son and they are finally, finally in Seoul. Sue has been a rock star through this hard, long wait. I am giddy to the moon and back for her sweet family! Families crossing oceans to meet their babies is the best kind of wonderful. 

7. This morning during church as SiGuy drove his cars on the pew, it struck me that I have no clue when in the world my three year old will be a big brother. After a slight sad twinge in my heart, I smiled because God knows. He keeps on heaping peace on my heart about it. He knows and until I do, all of my mama attention goes to loving on the sweetest boy. 

8. You there. Yep, you. The one who's been longing for a baby for months or years. I'm praying for you right this second. That God fills you up with peace and that He gives you your heart's desire. You are a treasure. 

9. I finally watched The Help. Heaven, it was good. I cried, I laughed, I shushed Josh for asking too many questions, and then I cried again. The book stole my heart from the first page and the film sealed the deal. 

10. The Packers lost today for the first time this season. It was ugly. I thought the hubs was going to burst into tears. 14 and 0 was not meant to be, but we'll be back on the horse next week!

11. Call me crazy. I created a Justin Bieber holiday album on Pandora last week and my inner teenybopper is lovin' it. After watching him perform Mistletoe on a Christmas special, I had to turn to Google because this old timer had no clue what "shawty" meant. And now I do. 

Happy Christmas is almost here week!


  1. Great post Rachel!! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family! :)

  2. Just popped by to see more of your beautiful pictures and sweet family and suddenly item #8 on your list just jumped off the page. Thank you :)

  3. Merry Christmas to you, too! =)

    Due to Christmas, I am very anti-glue gun right now.

  4. glue gun burns are brutal! be careful! and good luck with your decorations - i hope you post pics!
    so happy for sue here too - eek!
    Merry Christmas my friend!

  5. awww, thanks for the shout out! merry christmas to your wonderfully beautiful family! we miss you guys like crazy!!!!



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