Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 in pictures

I took a lot of photos of Josiah YeJoon in 2011. 

This morning I spent some time browsing the memories. I big fat heart so many of the photos and narrowing down my very favorites is just plain hard for me. But if y'all tied me down, forced me to drink a cup of coffee {ick!}, and then sat on me til I finally chose, these are the ones I would pick. 25 moments that represent my kiddo perfectly. Ones I'm so thankful to have caught on camera ::

that tongue and that hair :: 

lunar new year 19
I love a boy in a pink hanbok ::

lunar new year 14
smooches for mama :: 

mama love 2
the yellow balloon :: 

with daddy, holding hands :: 

together 9
a chocolate donut treat :: 

donut 7
eating snow ::  

outside b&w2
our two year referral anniversary ::

two years of Si 15
Easter bubbles :: 

Easter 6
Super Si :: 

super si 5
25 cents :: 

25 cents 10
Daddy's home :: 

daddy and josiah yejoon
what's a vacation without a truck wash stop :: 

roadtrip 2
goof :: 

roadtrip 1
backyard adventures :: 

summer eve 2
cousin love :: 

he's braver than I am :: 

tubing 2
boy and boots and mud :: 

house 35 
with mama :: 

si and mama_ 
chasing seagulls :: 

family day 54 
at Lake Michigan :: 

family day 60 
he ziplined no less than 12 times at the pumpkin patch ::

Blue lovin' :: 

si is three 2 
Si turns three :: 

si's day balloons 1 b&w 
cocoa makes us happy :: 

cocoa 1
2011 was truly a wonderful, delightful year. 

I've jumped on the Take a Photo a Day/Project 365 train and it's been smooth sailing so far {as in, I'm 5 for 5. Woot! ;)}. I'm being forced to quickly pick my favorite of the day and I'm giddy at the thought of making them all into a pretty little book of memory packed goodness at the end of this year. So on the last day of each month look for that months' pictures.This is going to be good, y'all! 

Speaking of good. It's 10:15am and SiGuy and I are eating Cuties oranges in our pajamas. The sun is shining bright and the temp has soared to 43 degrees. It's a beautiful Friday! Enjoy it, friends. 


  1. gorgeous photos, Rachel. And I'm looking forward to seeing your 365 photos too!

  2. Oh, he's such a little handsome man in his Easter outfit! And I love the one after it with Super Si! Too adorable! Can't wait to see this year's pics!!

  3. This post is one big present to us all! You are so amazing and Josiah is such a fun, handsome, special boy.

  4. I A-dore your photos Rachel! I can't pick a favorite! They are so beautifully captured. Do you give lessons? ;)

  5. oh my word, these were so wonderful! I loved Super Si!!!!

    Rachel, won't you consider joining us on Sundays for P365? :)

  6. Oh girl.... so loved these. They area amazing. Are you posting your photo a day pics anywhere?? I want to see. :)

  7. Totally inspired by your photos - you have an amazing eye. And good luck with project 365!

  8. Lovely memories! And wonderful photography! Don't worry....we would ever sit on you! :)

  9. I wholeheartedly agree with all the previous comments! You have a wonderful boy and a talented eye for capturing such precious moments. Thank you for sharing these photos with us. Priceless! And, adoption...isn't it the BEST! Our oldest is adopted and I'd LOVE to adopt again. Many life lessons learned and hearts growing through the adoption journey. Blessings to you all. ~ Rebecca

  10. Stopping by...because it's been a while...and I'm so glad I did!! LOVE your photography, as usual. But I'm especially in awe of how much Si has grown!! He's still cute as ever!

  11. These are just simply stunning Rach. They make me tear up they are so beautiful. You have such an incredible eye and talent... you are an inspiration my friend!

  12. PS - you are going to ROCK P365!!!

  13. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. I'm sure you will treasure them always.

  14. It was so fun to see this "best-of" post! I fondly recall seeing (almost) all these photos throughout your blog posts last year and to see them all together like this, it's stunning. Seriously, you are SO TALENTED behind the lens, my friend. Yes it helps to have a super duper adorable kiddo, but you rock that camera! I'm inspired.



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