Wednesday, January 25, 2012

bringing it home

I will never be able to give Josiah YeJoon Korea. And if I think about it all too much, my heart breaks into a million pieces. I want my son to have everything, but his first home is half a world away and I'm foreign and he will never truly have it all. So I surround him with pictures and share tidbits and we celebrate holidays. When Korea shows up in our life as opportunities or as people, I grab hold of them for keeps and don't let go. For him. Because they feel like home. And because he deserves every single bit. 

Seollal, the Lunar New Year, is being celebrated in Korea this week. And so we celebrate, too. We throw on our party hats and cook up some delicious food. We eat and it tastes good, sticky rice everywhere. 

lunar new year 6 lunar new year 4 lunar new year 5 lunar new year 7 lunar new year 8 lunar new year 11 lunar new year 1 lunar new year 9 lunar new year 2 lunar new year 10

The hanbok Si's foster family gave to him is getting snug, but it fits. He tells me he likes it because it's silky and because of the one blue stripe on the sleeve. Of course. 

I may or may not of bribed him once again with sprinkles just like last time he sat for photos wearing it. 

I love my boy in a pink hanbok. From his tip of his little hat to that wild hair to those dirty fingernails snuggling his Blue. 

hanbok 23 hanbok-16 hanbok-11 hanbok-9 hanbok-18 hanbok 25 hanbok-3 hanbok-5 hanbok 22 hanbok-10 hanbok-6 hanbok-7 hanbok-13 hanbok-20 hanbok 24

I can't give Josiah Korea, but I will do everything to bring him closer to it. Even if it's stringing up paper dragons and eating Bibimbap and wearing hanboks. Because giving him glimpses of Korea is better than nothing. Because I want him to be proud and strong and happy. Because I love this kid to the ends of the earth and back.

korean new year_ korean new year_-2 korean new year_-3 korean new year_-4 korean new year_-5
Happy happy New Year to you and yours from our family! We hope this year brings you great love and sweet surprises.

*thanks to Christine at Leapfrog Lane for the fun free dragon printable! 
*While We Were Out and New Clothes for New Year's Day are both delightful books by Korean authors 


  1. Si looks so handsome in his hanbok! (:
    Pink is a good color for him!

    Happy Lunar new year~~

  2. Oh wow. What a post! First, the photos are AMAZING! I seriously love every one. And then wow... you had me all weepy with your intro sentiments and then jumping for joy when I saw those awesome masks! A garland?! HOLY. COW. I'm totally stealing that idea (if it's ok), it's brilliant!!

  3. Absolutely awesome pics as usual!!! Sounds like you had a nice celebration :) Happy Lunar New Year...excited to see what the year of the dragon brings to all of us!!!

  4. Happy New Year!! I love his hanbok photos. And I hear ya sista on giving our kids Korea.It's such a wonderful special place and it's theirs. I want them to feel the swelling pride that we do.

  5. How sweet! And happy lunar new year to you!!!

  6. Happy New Year! Looks like you all had a wonderful day together!
    (photo bribery - must remember that)

  7. Hi Rachel! I have been following your blog for a few weeks and just wanted to say thank you for sharing your story. We are adopting from Korea, and have named our son Josiah as well! We just sent in our acceptance paperwork, so it could still be a year before we bring him home. But I'm loving getting insight from other families who are walking this incredible journey and are already ahead of us in the process. I'd love for you to check out my blog if you get a chance! It is Thanks again for sharing your story. Josiah is PRECIOUS!

  8. beautiful post rachel!

    love the sentiments and the photos. sniff sniff.

  9. Oh my GOODNESS, I love here. EVERY ONE! Wow. Just beautiful. Speechless.

  10. Dear Rachel,
    I agree with every one else. Your photos of Si are stunning and so precious. Even though our oldest was adopted from the good ol' USA, his heritage is Dutch. We take every opportunity to tell him about Holland and the little history we know about his birth mother and her family.
    Happy New Year and many blessings to you all.

  11. what an adorable family...
    so glad you're joining us with photo fun at sara's



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