Monday, January 23, 2012

dear monday

January 14
dear clutter,
I'm on a mission and my middle name is ruthless. If you aren't loved, needed, or used often, you are out. Don't believe me? Check the back of my minivan. 
Be afraid, 
hoarder no more 

dear cozy cowl neck, 
You were handmade with love by my soul sister and you rank right up there with my fuzzy slippers and heated blanket on my winter love list.
love you to town and back,
always chilled

dear hardware store worker, 
Mistints are not cool. Especially when it's discovered after you paint an entire room. Just ask my hubs. 
please double check next time,
the girl who wants her office finished 

dear laundry,
You are my nemesis. The thorn in my side. You never quit so I'll keep on keeping on. 
unfortunately yours,

dear ladies, 
Seriously? Have you not been taking notes on the 15 Bachelor seasons before yours? Ben doesn't want to hear y'all whine and rant all the time. Be calm. Be yourself. Be witty and pretty and smart. The crazy drama is entertaining to watch at times, but it won't leave you standing with the final rose. 
Get a grip girls, 
the one who can't stop watching

dear naptime, 
Why did you go? Oh how I miss you and your two hours of complete peace and quiet. You've been gone for months now. I know you're not coming back but I wish you would. Rest time doesn't hold a candle to you, naptime. 
miss you forever and ever,
mama needs a break 

I think you're going to be some kind of wonderful. 
let's make it a good one, 


Happy Seollal, y'all!


  1. Aww! This made my day. Soo glad you like your cowl!! I bet you make it look even more beautiful. :) Love and miss you dear!!! (I also hate laundry with a passion)

  2. he's seriously not napping anymore? So, so sorry!!!

    Laundry....just ugh.

  3. You are too funny and creative:) love ur blog-it always makes me smile;)

  4. This is a great post. Love it! Except ... no naps?! GASP!

  5. Don't be afraid of the no naps - it just means you can do so much more with your little man!
    And what a fun post - really made me smile!



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