Friday, January 13, 2012

happy day

Today it snowed and snowed. 

I puttered around the house doing this and that wearing new slippers {from a dear friend} that feel like butter. Josiah ran about kicking soccer balls and whipping cars across the kitchen floor. I ate a big bowl of cereal for lunch. Si had a lollipop that Grandma sent from GA. Our sweet as pie neighbor man plowed our driveway for us. He knows we only own shovels. Josh stood staring out the window for a minute and commented on how beautiful our view is. How blessed we are. We loaded in the van for a trip to town to get groceries. All three of us, because my man knows how much I hate to drive in the snow. We ate pizza for dinner. Si only came out of his bed 2 times after we tucked him in. Last night it was 6. 

snow slippers lollipop_ shoveled_ cereal_
It was a happy day indeed. 

What was the happiest part of your day, friend?

Enjoy this weekend. 


  1. on our snow day on Thursday Phil was done with exams. We shoveled together and I asked him what kind of cookies I could make for him - oatmeal was the answer. Love spending time with him:)

  2. sounds perfect! and i'm really drooling over those slippers - look so comfy!

  3. Look at all that beautiful snow! Did Si share his lollipop at all?!

  4. such a beautiful snow day! yay for hubbies willing to help with a grocery run. and little boys staying in bed... like big boys. ;)

  5. love your blog and your pictures:))))

  6. That's a beautiful photo of the snow! We were so excited to see the snow fall here last week. Oh, and I'm glad my child is not the only one to get out of bed multiple times at night! :)



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