Monday, January 9, 2012

hey hey hey

*This is a shot of SiGuy waving and hollering out "Hey Daddy!" to one of our neighbors as he walked past our driveway. The man just laughed and waved and said hello back. Si still remains convinced that really was his dad. 

*The Preacher Man delivered a smashing sermon yesterday and then came home and put knobs and pulls on our kitchen cabinets. Love him! The cupboards and drawers were "naked" before and now look a million times better. The kitchen redo is coming along swimmingly. We have a ways to go, but I need to get some before and after shots up here to show off the progress! 

January 9_
*I took our tree down today. That poor thing was so dry and pathetic looking. The needles flew in every direction as I ripped the lights of the branches so I'm sure we'll be finding those little buggers in every cranny for the next months. I'm always a bit sad to see the tree go, but it's nice to get things back in order. 

*Occasionally, I'll get a glimpse of Josiah YeJoon as a teenager and my mama heart skips a beat. Case in point ::

downtown walk 1
Seriously? That grin. The hands in the pockets stance. The girls are going to be flockin', I'm sure. But they'd better just stay at an arm's length until he's 27! Or fine, 20. 

*Josh and I watched the premiere of The Firm last night and loved it. The show kept us both intrigued which is rare for the two of us. We only have a handful of series that we watch together, so we were pleasantly surprised to find this one on a whim. And on an important side note, Josh Lucas' blue eyes are somethin' else. ;) 

*Josiah insisted on putting on his new Packer pajamas all by himself tonight. Home Boy is persistent! He worked for 10 minutes bending himself into those footie jams and finally did it. Success! Funny thing is, I had to have him take them off to put on a pull up. He let me help him the 2nd time around. 

*I threw on workout clothes and a baseball cap this morning. I'm still wearing them, but have yet to do workout. It's past 8pm. Maybe I should do something about that? Or perhaps I should just shower and pretend like I jogged on the treadmill? Decisions decisions. 

*Happy Monday, y'all. Enjoy the week!

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  1. Yes! before and after photos because after seeing everything you are posting on pinterest, I know some serious dreaming has been going on!

    And Si does look like a teenager there - wow! But so incredibly adorable :)

  2. Holy cow lady... you are going to be in serious trouble in a few years with that heartbreaker! Love it.

    And I can't wait to see the rest of the kitchen!

  3. He is beautiful, I love his teenager pose :)

  4. Some days it's just nice to be lazy -- skip the treadmill, lol!!!

  5. si is a cutie-patootie, indeed. you'll need his shovel to keep the ladies at arm's length. ;)

    hubs and i watched the firm, as well. we kinda liked it, too. ;)

    oh... and um... i'm thinking of skipping the treadmill for the month of january. i'll get back to the gym when the 'resolution people' have fizzed out. at least, that's my story. ha!

    i always enjoy your beautiful pictures.

  6. eeek...that 'teenage' shot is too much!!

  7. Lovely knobs! And good luck with J in his teens - as the others are saying - he is going to be a heart breaker!



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