Wednesday, January 4, 2012

our Christmas

Happy Christmas and New Year, all!

I was sick leading up to Christmas Eve and nearly missed the 7 o'clock service. I'm so thankful I didn't because holding that candle in the dark church while singing Silent Night ranks right up there as being one of the best moments of the year. Our house was a disaster, lists did not get checked off, I was wrapping gifts 2 minutes before they were opened, and honestly I wanted to cry a bit because I wasn't ready. But Christmas still came and once again I got a reminder that this holiday is not about the fluff. Not at all.

Following a tradition both Josh and I have done since we were small, our family of three opened gifts on Christmas Eve. I felt awful most of the night, but my spirits got a lift when I opened up my gifts from my boys - an electric blanket and a new fuzzy robe. They know me oh so well! Our church family always goes above and beyond so much to SiGuy's delight, he had many gifts to open. 

christmas 2 Christmas 27 christmas 1 Christmas 25 Christmas 24
Josh, Josiah and I trucked it over to Wisconsin after church on Christmas Day to spend the holiday week with my family. That evening, we packed into my Papa Del's home with cousins, aunts, and uncles for white elephant fun and ridiculously crazy holiday sweater contests. 

We spent the next two days at my parent's house with my sister, brothers, and their families where we ate til we couldn't eat no more, solved the world's problems, and played trivia board games. The only time we changed out of sweatpants was to head over to our Alma mater for some gym fun. We can't double dutch worth a lick, but we sure did try. 

Christmas 23 Christmas 18 Christmas 19 Christmas 20 Christmas 21 Christmas 4 Christmas 8 Christmas 15 Christmas 7 Christmas 17 Christmas 16 Christmas 14 Christmas 13 Christmas 12 Christmas 10 Christmas 6 Christmas 11 Christmas 5
The Preacher Man and I spent a night away in Green Bay just the two of us. We toured Lambeau Field, ate the best salsa ever, and watched You've Got Mail. It was dreamy. 

One of my best, dearest friends, Greta, was married on December 30th. She and I and our friend Angela always said we would never marry a pastor......and now all three of us are married to pastors. :) Never say never, I guess! Dave and Grets' wedding was absolutely fabulous. She was a stunning bride and it made me so so very happy and proud to stand next to her while she said I do

greta's wedding 14 greta's wedding 10 greta's wedding 16 greta's wedding 18 greta's wedding 17 greta's wedding 5 greta's wedding 3 greta's wedding 7
That, in a nutshell, was our Christmas. I loved every second of it. 

I hope your holidays were wonderful, friends! I have a feeling 2012 is going to be a fantastic! Wishing you and yours many blessings this new year. 


  1. What a bummer about being sick before Christmas! I'm glad you felt good enough to enjoy it, though. It looked and sounded wonderful! And you looked absolutely gorgeous in that black dress!!

  2. Ah, how I miss that gym :) A (late) merry Christmas to your family Rachel and congrats to Greta! What a blessing! (Hilarious about marrying pastors, hehe:)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment today. Your lil guy is adorable. Looks like a very nice Christmas!! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Merry Christmas (just a little late!). I'm so sorry you were sick at Christmas, but it seems like you still had a wonderful time with your family. I just love your pictures of the tree - beautiful! Si is looking so big (I know I always say that, but it's true!). He is such a handsome little man!

  5. Your boy. He slays me. He's got those chappy cheeks that C always gets in the winter. :)

    Pretty pics, as always. So happy you had a nice Christmas and a blessed night away!

  6. I'm sorry you were sick... but it sounds like you still had a wonderful holiday! And I love that LBD on you! *You rocked it!*

  7. Love the pictures! My favorite is Super Si! How awesome is all his cuteness!!!

  8. Love the pictures! My favorite is Super Si! How awesome is all his cuteness!!!

  9. What a beautiful holiday!
    (Inspired! I am going to grab the scooters and skipping ropes the next time we go to play at Matt's school!)



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