Tuesday, February 7, 2012

heart happy

All the live long day, my head has been foggy and stuffy with a cold. I changed out of my robe and flannel pajama pants this afternoon only long enough to cheer on some favorite youngsters at an elementary school basketball game. And then it was back home for more flannel and heaping bowls of cereal and heated blankets.  

Tonight, before Si's bedtime, the two of us were watching the last 20 minutes of the movie Miracle for the 498th time. He's as passionate about hockey as a three year old can be and it gives him the biggest thrill to cheer on the USA team to victory over the Soviet Union. Over and over. And over. He claps wildly and pumps his arms in the air. I was zoning out a bit and felt a tap on my shoulder. Excuse me, Mama. {we're working on manners around here} I just want to tell you that I love you so so much. Does that make your heart happy, Mama? 

I grabbed that little face and {cold schmold} smooched those winter chapped cheeks of his. Josiah is a dear. He really really is. And he most definitely makes my heart happy. He's the best kind of medicine for a day when a foggy, stuffed up noggin got the best of me. If he was a cough syrup, he'd be the mixed berry flavor. 

Where was that berry flavor when I was a kid, by the way? I only remember the icky kind my mom force fed me with a spoon that made me gag. Just thinking about it right this second makes me gag. Gah. Awful. 

My point is, I love my boy and his heart a whole lot.  I think perhaps y'all knew that already, though.

But I'll keep on saying it. Forever and ever. 



  1. So, so sweet. Never get tired of hearing those words from our little ones!

  2. So very sweet!!! S loves to "make Mama happy too" and it never fails to melt. my. heart.

  3. Oh. My gosh! How simply adorable! What a little darling!

  4. This is the sweetest thing ever!! He is a dear for sure.

  5. Hope you are feeling better! I'm in my flannels home sick today too.
    Oh Si - what a sweet little boy!
    I think Alex would love Miracle too - but only if it was Canada beating the Soviets! (or the US - hee hee).



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