Friday, February 3, 2012

this beauty full life :: January

January has come and gone. 

{Insert a whole bunch of cliches about time flying here.}

I mentioned that I was committed to taking one photo each day of 2012. And that I did for this first month. There's something freeing and therapeutic and downright awesome about photography. I hold that camera in my hands and focus and shoot and badda-bing-badda-boom there's a sweet or funny or beautiful moment captured. 

Daily life can bring dishes piled high from last night's dinner. Tears and tantrums all morning. Silly disagreements. The tired and crabby and overwhelmed. Chaos around every corner. Busy busy busy. 


That's not what I want my little family to remember. I want us to focus on and celebrate the good. The bright shiny moments that are come each and every day. Without fail, they come. Thank you, Jesus. 

And so I pull out my camera and click. Again and again. Most days bring a flood of happy and smiles. But if the day is hard, I shove the crud aside and hunt for some beauty. And it's there. Always, always. 

These days we have, they are blessed. This gift filled, beauty full life. 


And now, our January. A month's worth of lovely. 

I pray His Light shines brightly in our hearts long after the ornaments are packed away ::

January 1st
a thumbs up from Daddy as he tries to lure SiGuy outside for some shoveling ::

January 2nd
Josiah thinks shoveling the lawn is way more fun than clearing the walkway ::

January 3rd
a quiet walk downtown with Mama ::

January 4th
an afternoon snuggle :: 

January 5th
Si didn't win this "chuck a puck" competition, but he did go home with the game winning puck from the college hockey game :: 

January 6th
another balmy day means *water table* fun on the back porch :: 

January 7th
he thought he was so stinkin' hilarious with this shaving cream beard. and he was ::

January 8th
new shiny kitchen knobs make me happy ::

January 9th
this kid and that face with those eyes. he slays me :: 

January 10th
a free night away at a fabulous hotel suite. seriously, it was the fanciest place I've ever laid my little head :: 

January 11
the gang's all here :: 

January 12
a lollipop treat from Grandma :: 

January 13th
he adores forts. and books. and balloons. and john deere :: 

January 14th
the Pack lost. huge. perhaps they need to take some catching lessons from this little player :: 

January 15th
I love me some globes. especially ones from the goodwill for less than 2 dollars :: 

January 16th
pretty gold bowls from my Grandma Lorraine. I smile when I see them because I adore her :: 

January 17th
this guy doesn't nap anymore. unless he falls asleep during a timeout :: 

January 18th
Josiah can eat melon til the cows come home :: 

January 19th
working on recognizing numbers and such :: 

January 20th
it's a never ending treasure hunt around these's parts :: 

January 21st
the hubs really is just a big kid :: 

January 22nd
a lunar new year celebration hug between my two favorite boys :: 

January 23
my boy in his hanbok with his Blue :: 

hanbok 24th
happy year of the dragon, y'all :: 

January 25th
he loves this spinning musical top :: 

January 26th
budget buy bargain bin grocery store flowers bring a whole lotta wonderful to a room :: 

January 27th
1001 things to find in the sea :: 

January 28th
putting on your own footie jams is a hoot indeed :: 

January 29th
my brave boy did such a fantastic job at his doc appointment. the receptionist gave him extra stickers :: 

January 30th
the last day of January and not a speck of snow in sight :: 

January 31st

I'll be posting each month's worth of photos in a similar way. {Kuddos to Lemonade Makin' Mama for the inspiration.} My goal for February is to get more pictures of me!

Enjoy the weekend, friends.


  1. thanks for sharing !!!! what a fun month for your 3 family.

  2. Beautiful! I loved looking at your month in photos! Such a great idea.

  3. Awesome Rach. These are so cool. Great memories.

  4. This is such a great reminder to find the beauty every day, even in those days that aren't looking so beautiful. And I love, absolutely love, each and every one of these photos!

  5. OMG! love the hanbok picture!!! And the rest are great too but that one is my fav!

  6. just beautiful pictures!!! And I love that I see "life" in each one!!

  7. HOLY COW RACH!!! These are simply stunning!! I love!

  8. lOVE YOUR PICS, as always Rachel! Us mamas NEVER end up in the pics, though, do we?

  9. This is great! Congrats on accomplishing your first month...its a habit now! :)

  10. Congrats on the first month of photos. Keep up the good work...your photos are awesome. I would like to see some you photos in February.

  11. I love the one of Josiah with you in the bathroom! He is a natural in front of the camera! :)

  12. You have a beautiful family and blog. I used to read during my wait to bring my son home. Two years later, and I stumbled upon it again. Can I ask what lens you are using?

  13. You are all oh so sweet. Thank you!

    Marcie, I use a 50mm 1.8 lens most of the time. I love it!

  14. How wonderful! Looks like a lot of fun memories are being made.



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