Saturday, March 3, 2012

beauty full life :: February

February was a blur of goodness and grace. Here are 29 moments of it all in pictures. 

Josiah and fish go together like peanut butter and bananas on a slice of whole wheat toast. Ever since he caught that big bass last summer, he's been fixated on all types of water life. Bonus if it's blue. Because we know he loves him some blue. 

February 1st
The playroom in our home is a happy disaster of a place. Random toy pieces are scattered on the floor and the walls are covered with delightful kilsook prints. Kim Haller is brilliantly talented. 

February 2
This Tickle Monster book from Si's friend A is one of his favorites. It's always a fun way to end the day. 

Feb 3
I've racked by brain and cannot remember ever having a Midwest winter like this one with only a handful of snowfalls. Hockey games in the snowless driveway have been a regular thing around here. 

Feb 4
This chippy kitchen scale and pretty bowl live together in my kitchen. I love 'em more than I probably should. 

feb 5
What is better than Starbucks? Free Starbucks. I found a long lost giftcard {score!} a few weeks ago and have enjoyed many a grande caramel frappuccino because of it. I don't do coffee, but these I do. On this particular morning, I sat alone in the Big City Target Starbucks sipping my whippy drink and clipping coupons and eavesdropping on the baristas chatting loudly about their love lives.

Feb 6
Si can read. Not really, but he thinks he can and that is what's important as we work toward the real deal. Sandra Boynton's Blue Hat, Green Hat board book is one that he's got down pat. That crazy turkey is a hoot and never fails to make Josiah giggle. 

Feb 7
Using glue tops the SiGuy's fun list lately. He can be seen gluing random pieces of scratch paper together whenever he gets the chance. This snowman craft left over from our weekly playgroup was a hit. 

Feb 8
a Valentine pretty hanging in the kitchen window :: 

Feb 9
My boy wants to be just like his daddy. And he is. 

Feb 10
sitting at the front window waiting for Grandma to arrive ::

Feb 11
I have the best mom. I do, I do. Spending my 29th birthday with her was a treat. 

Feb 12
My parents gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. It's so wonderful, I could kiss it. But that's weird, so I just read on it. And watch free stuff. And my boys play Angry Birds. For the first week after I opened this beauty, I essentially ignored everything. Except for eating and such. And keeping my 3 year old safe. Everything else went by the wayside. Katniss Everdeen kept me up til the wee hours of the morning and I didn't mind a bit. Have you read The Hunger Games trilogy? The first book hooked me from the first page on, but were you as disappointed with the third book as I was? 

Feb 13
Nothing says love like a handcrafted mantel. 

Josh, I adore you. You amaze me and inspire every day. Thank you for my birthday present! And for not thinking I was crazy when I asked for a mantel when we don't even have a fireplace. 

Feb 14
celebrating a strike :: 

Feb 15
just one of the many faces this kiddo gives when the camera is out :: 

Feb 16
Every so often, the daytime flies by and I don't take a single photo. This was one of those rare days. Before I headed out to a Friday night church event, I quickly snapped this pic of me in the bathroom mirror.

Feb 17
My mini me is always asking to take pictures using our old Canon. He has quite the eye. :) I'll have to post some of his photos here soon. 

Feb 18
a quiet Sunday afternoon with my two favorite boys :: 

Feb 19
Josiah and I went to WI for a week to take care of my nieces, Isabella and Natalie, while my brother and sister-in-law went to Mexico. Bella is in 1st grade and already plays the piano so beautifully. I'm jealous! Si liked plunking at the keys, too. 

Feb 20
Si and Natalie are like brother and sister. They love each other and they drive each other crazy. They are inseparable, but push each others buttons. And yes, that's my son wearing a referee style dress. He's holding a blue ball, though. ;)

Feb 21
that little grin makes my heart happy ::

Feb 22
this one, too :: 

Feb 23
"Hey Mama, Minnie is just like you!" :) 

Feb 24
these two cousins share a rare quiet moment ::

Feb 25
The three amigos made a colorful welcome home sign for Jake and Heather. The girls were so excited to see their mom and dad. I was so thankful for a break! :)

Feb 26
Back at home in MI, a little mask and cape wearing boy waited at the window for Daddy to come home from work. If you asked Si who he was, he'd tell you "a vampirate!". Which is, of course, some sort of vampire pirate superhero. 

Feb 27
I'm a simple girl who gets a thrill from simple things. Like this little gray cow creamer sitting on my stove :: 

Feb 28
Leap Day! I bought this little army fatigue outfit at a garage sale for Josiah a very long time ago. It finally fits! He danced a jig when he got it on and then requested playdough. 

Feb 29

I think I'm going to fall in love with these photo posts. They are a sweet way to look back on the beauty of each month. I hope you enjoy them, too. My February goal was for me to get into some the pictures and I did pretty well at handing off the camera. I hope to do the same in March. Josh isn't always thrilled about having his picture taken but I want more shots of him this month! My other goal is to head outside more now that Spring is coming and things will be coming to life again.

Happy March, friends!


  1. he's so precious...
    great shots, especially the mask shot ;)

  2. Rach- as always enjoyed your pictures.

    Hope all is well with the three of you.

  3. enjoyed all your pics. My favorite is the celebration of the "Strike".

  4. I loved all the photos... but what I really need to comment on is the Third Book of the Hunger Games Trilogy. Uhm, YES. So disappointed! I just re-read the series last week (cause there's a movie coming out!) and I forgot how angry I had been at the last book. Until I found myself angry again. Sigh.

  5. Awesome photos! All of them. I love Josiah's eyes in the vampirate shot the best!

  6. LOVE this idea!!! Your pics are gorgeous.

  7. What a beautiful way to remember the little things in life. Your photos, as always, are gorgeous!

  8. I love, love your kilsook prints. And I'm the odd girl out but I didn't mind the third Hunger Games book nd wasn't nearly as disappointed in it as many I know.



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