Wednesday, March 21, 2012

file this one under spray paint and such

Once a week or so, I like to get my craft on.

I don't have to go all that far for some inspiration. PinterestDuh.

First up. Bookends. 

I had picked up some little animal figures a month or two ago with the intention of spraying 'em up all pretty and magically transforming them into inexpensive bookends. And then life happened and I forgot. But I stumbled upon these lovely golden versions by this sweet lady and hightailed it out to the garage with my supplies. 

Target One Spot plastic animal toys + silvery spray paint + books = the cheapest bookends of all time

I'm in love. 

book ends_-3 book ends_ book ends_-2 book ends_-4 bookends_ bookends_-2 bookends_-3
Clearly, the SiGuy thinks they belong to him. He's forever swiping 'em off the shelves and building makeshift homes for them out of books. Can you blame the boy? They were toys in their former life after all. 

But not anymore. Thank you spray paint. 

You know what else I'm thankful for? The bunny bottom bunting I whipped up this week. 

I knew the moment I set my eyes on the original, I needed one like I need an ice cold Diet Pepsi on a hot day. So I sketched out a template, cut out 20 bitty bunnies, glued some tails onto them bottoms, and strung them up right in our dining area. It's darn near the cutest thing that you ever did see. 

bunnies 3 bunny bunting_ bunnies 2 bunnies 4 bunnies
Thank you, bunnies, for being so easy breezy and delightful hanging there in my kitchen. 

Happy Spring, y'all! Go out and make something pretty. Or at least pin something beautiful. :) 


  1. OKAY...LOVE and LOVE! I saw you pin those bunnies, and I'm gonna put one on a shirt for Sam :) thank you for that!
    Those bookends are RIDICULOUS! GREAT idea!

  2. Wow! They turned out really well! I'm thinking the boys and I might have to make our own bunting. Very sweet! Also, thank you for the little shout out. :)

  3. You are so crafty! Love it all!

  4. LOVE both of these!!! The toys into bookends is brilliant... and the bunny garland is ADORABLE!



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