Tuesday, March 13, 2012

grace and dial tones

There was this kiddo in the Big City Target today that threw the biggest fit because his mother told him he couldn't have the double pack of Airhead candies. That mama stood her ground, though. With everyone near staring in their direction, she took that flailing little one in her arms and held her head high as she walked toward the door with the boy still wigging out. 

As she reached the door, another mama nodded knowingly and offered up a smile. 

Grace. In one little head nod. 

I nearly hugged her, that stranger. And then I breathed for the first time in a minute or two. 

Yep, that was us. Me and my kid. 

Si is not one for tantrums. Except for today. So I did the one thing that felt right. We buckled up, rolled down the windows, and belted out songs with the radio as we drove down the highway.

All. I. know. is I'm not home yet. This is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus. This is not where I belong.

Pair that with 60 degrees and a handful of cheetos and you've gone and turned your day around.

We swung by our tiny town grocery for some eggs where Josiah was introduced to a payphone for the first time. What's that sound in there, Mama? Dial tone was new to him, too.

Stacks of french toast and clean laundry are a sweet end to this grace filled day. Thank you, Jesus.

pay phone_-4 pay phone_-3 pay phone_-6 pay phone_ pay phone_-5

and just because they're cute. two short videos of the SiGuy singing and goofing around. check out his new haircut :: 


  1. Oh, we've had shopping trips like that too. Sigh. I can't imagine you handled it with anything but grace though. And my, it sounds like the rest of the day made up for it... Beautiful captures at the pay phone (who knew they even had those)?!

  2. Your kiddo is so absolutely adorable! Love those pay phone pics - so creative!

    Don't feel bad, my youngest defined the "terrible twos". At eight she is still stubborn and headstrong and absolutely the most thoughtful, beautiful, caring girl I've ever known. There will still be moments (even ones at the store!), and they will be different but the same. Keep your focus right where it's at and you'll always find grace (maybe not always with people).



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