Wednesday, March 28, 2012

sharing happy

I used to blow dry and flat iron my hair every single morning. You know, way back when I worked outside the home. These days, it's more like 50/50. On the mornings when do get prettied up a bit, the hubs always takes notice and compliments me. He's a gem that way. 

So last week - after two and a half days in a row of wearing a ballcap around the house - I figured it was high time to let my hair down. Seeing as we were traveling out of town the next day, my "to do" list was huge. Fancy hair was definitely not on that list. I added it to the top. 

I can be an all or nothing girl. I went all in. Wash, spritz, dry, and curl. All that in 25 minutes. 

{I hadn't curled my hair in over a year. Before I started, I watched this little tutorial and realized I had been doing it all wrong since forever. Watch out world, I may just turn into a curlin' machine!}

And then I threw on an old t-shirt. And didn't put on any makeup. But my hair looked darned good. 

When Josh walked through the door at lunch time, he smiled wide and gave me a hug and a smooch. I shook my curly locks and was happy to be making him happy. He deserves it. 

It's the little things, y'all. 

hair_-3 hair_-2 hair_
{last photo taken by the SiGuy with "his" camera} 

Go do something happy today, dear friends. And pass it on. I promise it'll brighten your day. 
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  1. awww! i totally love this!
    so glad i popped over today!
    i'm excited to read more. :)
    i saw that you used to live in wisconsin! that's where we are, waiting for the Lord's leading on where He wants us to go. :)
    happy day!

  2. I find that I'm way more productive if I do my hair and put on makeup... weird, I know. I think that I feel that I look good, so I'm just more upbeat and positive! :-) I love the curls in your hair!

  3. do not ask me why but your curly story gave me tears...i'm close to my "special" time of the month...maybe that's why, but either way...I LOVE THIS!! seriousl, saw the pics of your curls and thought, "hm...she must have done her own challenge." NOPE! you totally nailed it!! taking the time to look pretty for your man is something that we can easily overlook. i'm sure he loved that you took that time.
    also? i love your old t shirt. i love old t's in general.
    also again? your sweet little gap in or teeth is adorbs! i always wanted a that weird. but yours is TOO cute! :) have a good trip. hope your curls are holding up!

  4. I LOVE, "it wasn't on the list...I added it to the top" :)

    Great job, Josiah...he's a natural!

  5. Brilliant! I need to do this. I know my man would love it! Thank you for the inspiration :) Gorgeous hair too by the way!
    (stopped by from Alicia's blog)

  6. Okay...I need to take your hair tutorial! But I love the idea that you put that on the top of your list! And I love that Josiah took your picture too.

  7. you always look super cute! sometimes, we just need to pretty up for ourselves... should have done that today. ;)

    josiah... photographer in the making! how fun is that?!

    {linked to you today}

  8. oh how lovely! go you! my problem is that my honey begs me to not wear make up or do my hair. ha! so, i have very little motivation.

  9. You are such a good wife. I used to do things like that - especially on my Fridays off. Now I'm too tired. Poor Matt.
    (very pretty!)



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