Friday, April 13, 2012

carry on Easter

My boys and I had a lovely holiday. How can Easter not be wonderful? Jesus rose himself right up from the dead. For me. For you. So Easter is not just a once a year thing. Shed the pastels, the lilies, and the fancy clothes and there stands Victory and Truth and Promise. I pin Easter to my lapel and carry it on. Every single day. 

And now have a tiny confession. 

The night before Easter, I swiped the Tootsie Rolls and mini Milky Ways Josiah scored from our town egg hunt, stuffed them into our plastic eggs, and tucked them into Si's basket. Pathetic, I know, but the kid never knew the difference and I saved myself from a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup binge. You should try it, y'all. The only candy I did buy was Peeps. It's not a celebration without some stale sugary chicks. 

We drove ourselves eight hours to Tennessee after church on Sunday. We're never ending gluttons for holiday roadtrip punishment, but it's worth it. The two days spent with Josh's brother and his family were fun and loud and it was downright fantastic to get away for a bit. 

Here's a taste of it all  ::

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  1. What a handsome boy you have! I will need to remember your candy back into egg idea for next year.

    Stopping from Kelly's Korner. I am boy mom too.

  2. That looks like a jam-packed two days! Lots of fun and giggles I am sure! I love your confession... so smart!

  3. Absolutely lovely, Rach! Can't believe how big your boy is. Incredibly handsome. :)

    Can you see if you can reply to this comment? Just want to test it out, but it looks like it's working on my end.

  4. lovely, lovely pix! adorable boy with his mater basket = priceless! ;)



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