Friday, April 6, 2012


Tears stung in my eyes tonight during church and all I could whisper was thank you, thank you. 

What else can you say to the One who so willingly took your place?

There is no Easter joy without the grief and sorrow and suffering of Good Friday. And vice versa. Neither is good without the other. 

Together they spell out grace

So until that incredible celebration on Sunday morning....

Rest, O Christ, from all your labor; sleep within your borrowed tomb   {Herman G. Stuempfle Jr}

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good friday_-7 easter project church 1 church 3 church 2

spray painted branches + a handful of these printable ornaments = our Lenten Tree. We didn't follow a countdown like the original intended, but it was a fantastic visual reminder of what this season is all about. 

The Easter garden was a big huge hit around here! Josiah knows Jesus died for him on the cross and this gave him something tangible to help understand even more. He got a kick out of spraying the grass seed every day and watching it grow. And grow some more. We've had to trim it three times already! Josh adapted this project a bit and we had our Sunday School kiddos each make one. They'll decorate the tables at our Easter breakfast at church. 

The cutie pie Korean boy in the pinstripes is mine. I sorta kinda love him. Just a little bit. ;) 

Happy Easter weekend, y'all! 


  1. Beautiful post Rachel! Many blessings to you and your (adorable!) family this weekend.

  2. Happy Easter! I love these little projects! I'm going to need to remember the tomb one for next year. Awesome!

  3. I found you through Kelly's korner! First off, your son is adorable. I have a 13 year old sister whom we adopted from Korea when she was only 8 months. My heart LOVES and desires to adopt one day. Have a good weekend :)



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