Wednesday, April 18, 2012

life is but a dream

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Today was a dreamy kind of day.

The Preacher Man took Josiah to work with him this morning, which meant I had a few precious hours all to myself. I did nothing over the top exciting, but I had a tiny break from from my bundle of energy and questions three year old and that's a good thing. I worked out and put on makeup and cleaned out the mini van. I ate cereal and read two pages of a book. I enjoyed every single second. 

My boys came home and we hit the road toward the tulips. Or as SiGuy would say, the "tu-loops". Holland puts on a big festival each year showcasing millions of those bad boys. It's not for a few weeks yet, but our crazy warm Midwest weather has brought on early full out blooming so I wanted to make a visit before before there's nothing pretty to see.

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There's something downright dreamy about rows upon rows upon rows of pretty flowers in all different colors.With big Dutch windmills standing next to them. I swooned my way through each section. Josh and Si spent more time racing through the fields than admiring the blooms, but that's them. 

My little plucked a yellow tulip right up from the ground and presented it to me with a grin. The Tulip Police didn't show, so I think we're safe. What's one out of 5 million? I tucked it into my pocket for keeps. 

tulips today_-2 tulips_-9 tulips more tulips_-3 tulips more-7
Aren't they somethin' else?

You know what else is dreamy? That guy right down there. When Josiah asked why were were going to see the "tu-loops", my hubs told him, because Mama likes them and we want to make her happy.

I love you more than a million tulips, babe. 

The dreamy turquoise color behind you makes me love you even more. 

Your mad photo taking skills bump you up a notch, too. Even though a handful of times you focused on the background of the shot and not on me holding my kid. But otherwise you are perfect.

tulips_-6 tulips_-7 tulips_-8 tulips more-3
Once we had our fill, we set out to find a certain park where we could eat up some lunch. After much GPS drama, we ended up in a Menards parking lot. Not what I had in mind but there was a patch of grass so we went with it. We feasted on popcorn, oranges, leftover Easter candy, and pb&j's cut diagonally. Because that's the best way to eat a sandwich, I promise. 

We drove home after our curbside picnic in the sunshine with the windows down and a napping babe in the backseat. 

It was a dreamy day indeed. I hope yours was too. 


  1. in every way. from your husband's response to the diagonal pb&js! beautiful. :)

  2. Rachel, I just love your blog! Your little family is so sweet and you seem so happy! Also, I used to live in South Haven, MI my very first year of teaching. I know Holland, the windmills, and those tulips very well!

  3. Rachel What a beautiful post with all the tulips I was in holland michigan in when I was in sixth grade And still remember the beauty I think josh is doing a great job is the other photographer in the family

  4. I don't know why but I'm all teary reading that post! Beautiful words, pictures and memories. What a beautiful day.

  5. yeah, my heart was majorly swooning over all those tulips. I sooo would have been in heaven, especially if I could have enjoyed it with my two precious men too! :) What a beautiful day!

  6. Dreamy day is right! Those tulips are beautiful!!

  7. What a dreamy day and such beautiful pictures :) Love it all!

  8. sounds and LOOKS dreamy! love your beautiful pictures and your beautiful family :)

  9. well. i adore this blog. and you too, i'm sure.

    these tulips are rocking my socks! where are y'all? we are upper midwest, and uh, spring just hasn't shown up yet. not like THAT anyway. gorgeous!


  10. Absolutely drooling over these tulips. Beautiful!



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