Monday, April 16, 2012

monday morning chat

* Jackie from Memories by Design is my favorite person in the world this morning. Not only is she sweet as pie, but she also worked her magic again so I have myself a new blog header! Fav photo + pretty frame = simple and lovely. I like it. Thank you, friend!

Kisses from Katie has been on my must read list since last fall. I know it's going to wreck my life in the best kinda way. And I can't wait. This weekend while I cleaned and puttered around the house, I listened to a handful of Katie Davis' interviews as she chats about her life in Uganda. What a girl she is. So young and and following God's call to care and make beauty. I'd like to be her when I grow up.  

* Did I ever show y'all a finished photo of the mantel my hubs built me? Josh added the bead board and painted it up.  Here she is ::

 mantel_ mantel_-3 mantel_-2 mantel_-4
She's the jazz hands of the living room. Heavens, I love her. I've discovered that I have OCD when it comes to mantel decorating. I can't stop fiddling with it. I've tried a million different decorating combinations and haven't gotten it exactly right just yet. At the moment a lone {somewhat mangled} book page wreath is up there. It may just stay.

* Josiah never wants to go up to the front of church for the children's sermon, which is odd since his dad is the pastor and he knows all the other kiddos and he thinks he rules the roast there. But yesterday he did it. He ran up right up all by himself, plopped down and listened. When it was done I could see his little head bouncing down the aisle back to me. His eyes caught mine, he smiled so big, so proud. My heart burst and the tears welled up. How will I ever handle sending him off to school when the time comes??

* My darling friend Dana is finally holding her sweetie-pie son Oliver!! He arrived home from Korea on Thursday and we couldn't be more thankful and thrilled for their beautiful family. Welcome home Oliver!

oliver_ oliver_-3 oliver_-4
* Finally, a few gems I pinned recently that left me wanting to hand out high fives. Enjoy the day, friends! 

ok to fail do small things be yourself
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  1. Oh your son is so cute! Love the photos of him in the previous post with the pay phone. Have a good week.

  2. your mantel is beautiful. such a crisp and clean look to it.

    love that first message you pinned. so very true.

  3. yes, ma'am... jackie is the bestest. sweet mantle - super cute, but alas... your sweet boy wins the cutie prize again! ;)

  4. Love the book page wreath, my kids are pastors kids too and never want to be up front, and must steal that quote about handicapping your kids by making life easy. Just had a talk about this with my husband regarding my son. My daughter overheard it and told me I need to stop doing everything for him. Out of the mouth of babes. eek! Nice to meet you through MM.

  5. love Jackie!!!

    how you send them off to school is that God allows them to be teenagers first! :)

    love the first one about handicapping your true...wish all parents would remember this, especially when their kids reach those teenage years....consequences are at times the best teacher!

    Happy Monday!!!

  6. Love the new header !!!

    Funny... Phil never liked to go to children sermons either. Would just sit on my lap and watch.

    Tell Josh nice job!!!!

    Enjoy your Monday dear !!!

  7. Let me reply in order in which they appeared:
    Mantel/HandyHubby= WOOP WOOP, hmmm preaches and carpends? Kinda like somebody else we know and love!
    Basket=I'd totally steal that!
    Wreath=Cutie-patootie, PINNED it!
    "How am I ever gonna handle sending him off to school..."= You're NOT! LOL Snuggly boys belong in their mamma's laps! But since you posted Robert Heinlein {don't handicap your children by making their lives easy} we shall GRIN & FAKE IT!
    I second Josiah, WELCOME HOME Oliver! I'd steal the boy with the sign too! ;0) wink wink!

  8. I just began reading Katie's book over the weekend. It is so good but is wrecking me at the same time. That mantle is absolutly gorgeous!! Way to go, Josh!

  9. Whoah, That boy is adorably handsome! I do need to remember the quote about the handicap...oh boy! Visiting from Miscellany Monday. Nice meeting you! Drop by when you can@ Beneath The Surface: Breath of Faith

    Simple as that :)

    You are so fresh, so honest, and your family is beautiful. I am thankful for Monday's link up since I found you!!

    Hope you had a fabulous day, love!

  11. Your little guy is so adorable and I love those quotes! Thanks for sharing. Love your blog

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  12. Just so you know, you don't have to send him off to school. I'm not. We're homeschooling our daughter. I think everyone should at least very prayerfully consider their schooling options and honestly look into homeschooling. I'm not anybody special but God has done a great work in me and put on my heart how important these impressionable years will be.

    Oh, and thanks for sharing The Small Things Blog. I just love her tutorials and I too did not know the proper way to curl hair (or anything else for that matter!)!


    1. Elizabeth, I'm so happy that homeschooling is working for you! I think homeschooling is awesome. We indeed have prayerfully considered it, and even thought I am a teacher, we feel traditional schooling is what's best for our little one and our family as a whole.:) Things can change, though!

  13. Love your new banner! I am just finishing Kisses From Katie and wow - it is one amazing book... enjoy!! :)



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