Thursday, May 3, 2012

beauty full life :: March

I up and forgot all about posting March's month of everyday photos. So I'm sharing 'em today. April will be coming soon, too, once I get my act together. 

March was a stretch of crazy warm weather and a big ol' celebration of every day sweetness. Josiah set the world record for most timeouts in a single day. And then he broke it the very next day. The Preacher Man rode his John Deere for the first time this season and our lawn has never looked so pretty. The man is ob-sessed. I curled my hair. Monumental stuff, y'all. 

I just ate a chunk of chocolate and downed a Diet Pepsi as I narrowed down 1000s of captured moments to just 31 photos. Here's a peek at the beauty :: 

March 1. I scored this clock on Pier 1 clearance using my birthday moolah. It's not the exact one I wanted, but I snatched it up quick 'cause it's close enough. I admire it from the couch as I chow down on salsa or sandwiches. It has made it's way all over the living room, but has found a permanent spot in the corner. For now :: 

March 1
March 2. It's always hard for my mama heart when my little bub isn't feeling well. He spent the day snuggled up in the chair watching movies :: 

March 2
March 3. Daddy can always bring out the big grins :: 

March 3
March 4. Time to start breaking out the Easter decorations! I spray painted a Target dollar bin wreath and filled in gaps with some moss. Simple and pretty :: 

March 4
March 5. My kid with a pullup on his head. He thought he was hi.lar.i.ous. And he was :: 

pull up_-4
March 6. The nap boycotter fell sound asleep on an afternoon run with Josh. I love all of those stripes and his haircut:: 

March 6
March 7. Fun with Mama. I adore this boy :: 

March 7
March 8. The SiGuy lets us know every day that he would like a dog someday. In his words "I'm going to get a doggie after a-morrow". For now, this is what he pulls around. Long live footie pjs :: 

March 8
March 9. Grocery store tulips in the kitchen make me happy ::

March 9
March 10. Life is better with a string of bunny bottoms ::  

bunnies 3
March 11. Josiah is living out a dream I had as a little girlie. I forever wanted a power wheels and now he's got a hand-me-down one before he even had the chance to pine for it. Y'all should see him drive it all over our yard. Cutest thing I ever did see :: 

March 11
March 12. I'm a list girl. I like to start out the week with one and I get a thrill as I check those little boxes along the way. There's always a bit of inspiration at the top ::

March 12
March 13. Si's first encounter with a pay phone and a dial tone. Since then, our Itty Bitty Town grocery store has ripped it out. Apparently we were the only ones making use of it. :: 

pay phone_-4
March 14. Off to golf with Daddy. My 3-year-old is a brand snob. Callaway and Nike are the only balls/hats he'll use :: 

March 14
March 15. Typical pile of random on Josiah's bedroom floor. Hockey gear. Fish. Balls. Etc. And he totally knows when you remove something from the mess. How? ::

March 15th
March 16. Spray paint + plastic dollar toys + books = pretty cheapo bookends ::

book ends_-2
March 17. Josiah YeJoon in Korean Hangul on our fridge :: 

Josiah YeJoon
March 18. A post church tennis lesson in the driveway. My wonderful in-laws gave my boys this little person net. Josh is a proud coach and Si is pretty stinkin' good :: 

March 18
March 19. Chalk-drawn train tracks and race lanes made for a peaceful morning in the sunshine :: 

March 19
March 20. I found my first gray hair after this trick :: 

March 20
March 21. I curled my hair on a Wednesday. Oh yes, I did. It made me happy and my hubs happy :: 

March 22. Pretty yellow forsythia stems brighten up the living room :: 

March 22nd_
March 23. It isn't a party without noise makers :: 

March 23
March 24. Grandma Lois with five of her great-grandkiddos. We had a fantastic day celebrating her 80th birthday and Colton's 1st! :: 

March 24
March 25. Cousin pajama hugs :: 

March 25
March 26. Spring is in full swing. Heavens, it's pretty. God's handiwork is something to marvel at ::

March 26
March 27. I am a simple girl who gets joy from simple things. Like fresh new stacks of dish cloths :: 

March 27
March 28. Our Lenten tree was a wonderful visual reminder of what the season is all about ::

March 28
March 29 :: Watching the neighbor kids out the window before bedtime and wishing he was out there playing with them :: 

March 29 -2
March 30. Playing Angry Bids on the Kindle. In a basket :: 

March 30
March 31. Our sweet friends invited us to their Easter bash. The littles enjoyed games and candy and egg hunts and a visit from the true blue Easter bunny :: 

March 31
Whew. That's it. You made it through March and all of it's glory. I loved it a whole bunch.

April was pretty swell as well. Photos a-coming soon. Promise. 

Happy Thursday! xoxo


  1. you take some pretty gorgeous pics, my friend! i love the list one bestest...hits close to my heart :)

  2. I love the photos! So many wonderful ones in there... Your living room looks like it could be from a magazine! So gorgeous!

  3. i love your pictures. You make the ordinary so incredibly beautiful. And I love all your crafts (and your living room).

  4. i love all your photos. you make the simplest items so beautiful. and i love your living room too.

  5. i love all your photos. you make the simplest item so beautiful. and i love your living room too.

  6. Oh my...such wonderfulness! Yay for footie jams. Love the basket seat. :)

  7. What a lot of beauty in March! Your photos are just fabulous! I love how much like a tennis pro Si looks!

  8. I love it all. So much beauty and you captured it so well here!



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