Saturday, May 12, 2012

for all the mamas of the world

This day in May will forever stir up a whirl of emotions and thoughts on motherhood. My eyes fill up and spill over as my heart bounces back and forth praying for many, over and over. Friends, sisters, who long to be mothers. Those who've lost their moms. Struggling moms. Single moms. Ones who've lost children. The brave who choose life for their babes, even though they can't parent them. The fighters who advocate for the kiddos of the world. 

My mom. Grandmothers. Mother-in-Law. 
Birth Mama of my boy. Oh, what I'd give to hug her neck. 
My boy's Foster Omma. 

The little children around the world wishing and hoping right this moment for a family, for a mom. They are waiting and each and every one deserves the fierce, gentle love of a mother. 

And I pray for you. 

You. Yes, you. 

That wherever you are on this journey, whatever your title is, whatever your fears or desires are, wherever you find yourself right this second, that you would know this with every ounce of your heart :: He cares. He does. God created mothers so it makes perfect sense. He loves with a bigger Love than we could ever imagine or muster up ourselves and it blows a mother's love right outta the water. And that's saying a lot. He meets you right where you are and wraps you up in Grace. He knows your heart and is listening and brings peace. And then He heaps some more on because He's faithful like that. 

He knows your story because He's writing it. And it's beautiful. 

My hope today is that you all would take a second to lift up a fellow sister in prayer. And then let her know you did. I know from experience that it will A lonely, tired heart will be a little less lonely. Please, please do. 

Mamas, as you celebrate this weekend, may every breath be one in thanks for the gifts you've been handed. Ones tied up pretty with a bow, ones you hold in your arms, and ones of the heart. Hold them in the palms of your outstretched hands and take notice. 

Happy Mother's Day to each of you! 


  1. Beautiful post, Rach! Mother's day has been bittersweet since I lost my mom. The May after she died, I hated every commercial, ad, mention of mother's day. Now, that I'm a mom myself, it's a little easier, but I always remember those who are missing their moms on that day.

  2. Beautiful, Rachel! Happy Mother's day to you and God's richest blessings always!

  3. this is so beautiful, rach...thank you for sharing your heart!

  4. Happy Mother's Day! Thanks for this.



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