Thursday, May 17, 2012

love well

When the sky turns pink, I pull the blankets up to Josiah's chin and ask him what the best part and worst part of his day has been. It's our nightly thing and since we spend nearly every waking hour together, his answers never really surprise me. Except when they do. 

Me: What was your favorite part about today, bub? 
Si: I broke your favorite necklace when I tried to put it on my head.
Me: That was your favorite part? Why?
Si: You cried and then you said you forgive me and you love me. That made my heart happy. 

I pulled him to me and breathed him in. Forgiveness is no joke. It's huge. He gets that and he's three. My words, my actions, my reactions, my choices don't go unnoticed. They are helping to shape him. As his mama, my prayer is that every day I love well. Josiah deserves the best of me. I hope a thousand and one wishes that I give that to him. Heavens, I don't want to mess this up. And when I do, because I do, I give thanks to Jesus for his mountains of mercy and forgiveness. 

Have you loved well today?


My boys know how to treat me right. They planned a Mother's Day that piled on all sorts of lovely. Flowers and chocolate and sunshine and beaches and quaint downtowny shops filled up with pretty things. They loved me so well. It was good to the last drop. 

mothers day_ mothers day_-3 mothers day_-5 mothers day_-2 mothers day_-6 mothers day_-8 mothers day_-7 mothers day_-11 mothers day_-9 mothers day josiah_ mothers day josiah and mama mothers day josiah and mama-4 mothers day josiah and mama-5 mothers day josiah and mama-3

I like to think of Mother's Day as the kick off to summer. To celebrate, I penned a little list of fun, happy, summery things I have high hopes of checking off as the next three months march along. The SiGuy and Josh and I will create a family one together, but this one is for me ::

summer list
I can already smell the fresh cut grass and sunscreen and feel the sand between my toes. My fingers are sticky from the ice cream. My hair is wonky from the wide open windows. My freckles are out in full force.

What would top your summer list???

Cheers to summer, y'all! Let's do this.

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  1. oh my heart... your lil' sweet si guy is a.dor.a.ble. this post is full of all kinds of beauty & fun. so glad you had such a wonderful mother's day. loved every one of your pictures. (((hugs)))

  2. girl, you are just plain adorbs! and that gap...cannot get over it! i'm envious ;) i love your idea that mom's day starts off the summer...such a great thought. and your list is way longer than mine...i need to add more stuff. might have to steal some of yours!

  3. Oh man... these photos are so amazing! As are the words that go with them ... but the photos, man I am ready for summer... NOW!

  4. What a great Mother's Day! What a great summer list.

  5. Beautiful photos, Rachel! I love your list as well!

  6. That story about forgiveness really hit me. Wow. You're so right.
    Oh and btw, your matching gingham shirts? I die. Over the top cute!

  7. oh, i know what you mean about mowing the lawn...we have a riding mower and i'm always scared i'm going to ruin it by not starting it we have 2 acres, so we have a really big lawn! good luck to you!

    and, btw, your photos are just beautiful.

  8. love well.
    what a beautiful example of forgiveness and grace.
    such a challenge to me!
    your pics are just beautiful! :)
    oh! and i love your list!

  9. Beautiful beach pics! We do the best and worst at our house too, although at supper. We started when Camden was 2 and I worked full-time, and he was in daycare. It was a good way to get a little more info on his day, and the tradition stuck.

  10. Rachel,
    Your pictures are beautiful!! And your son is the cutest thing ever!!
    Doesn't South Haven have the best little shops? I love checking them out. Good luck on your list. Its a great idea.



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