Monday, May 14, 2012

watch out world

I got an iPhone, y'all. 

My old phone went kaput and I happily snagged this little baby up. Before you could say Holla!, I installed Instagram. A whole slew of my gals were on there already, having a picture party day in and day out and I didn't even know it. #littlestinkers. #firstworldproblem  Besides snapping photos and jazzing them up with snazzy filters, Instagram helps to fulfill my daily need to speak in hash tags. #I'mStrangeLikeThat

I'm loving all these little life moments that I wasn't always able to capture on my big camera. I could eat 'em all up with a spoon. I may have gone a little hog wild, but here's a mishmash of my fist week on Instagram....

my first iphone pic * quiet walk on our trail * fluke nap at 10am under the coffee table ::

iphone trail coffee table snooze
Josiah says "that's me, mama! that's Josiah! right there!" * just finished four weeks of Insanity #proud *
at the beach for Mother's Day * old dining chairs get a makeover with a Target curtain panel * caterpillar on the mailbox post * Kathleen Kelly was right  #friendliestflower 

collage 2
hubs blading like it's 1999 * a 25 cent treat * 
loving this May sunshine * gack beard * fishies, meet your biggest fan

skating 2 treat glasses gack beard fishies
Si's favorite book of the week * jealous of these horns?
they're in our sun porch #LeftByPreviousOwners *  left hand pretty *
blowing bubbles * Lake Michigan * Big news! I put on makeup :) 

collage 3
frappuccino happy hour * beach boy * cute kiddo alert! *
loving my SHINE cuff from farmgirlpaints. Happy Mother's Day to me! *
world's tiniest roller-blader 

starbucks  lake michigan 2 cute kid alert shineskating
sleepy head * early sunday morning visitor in my bed * Si wrote his name! on accident,
but he wrote it! * currently reading and soaking up every bit of it * front yard flowers * gack mask

collage 1
Are you on Instagram? Feel free to find me there! I'm blessedbyhishand. Let's be picture buddies. :) 

Happy Monday to you. And you. And you!

joining in with the fabulous Carissa :: 
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  1. I'm most likely getting an iphone in July when my current contract is up. Can't wait and then I'll join the instagram party! :)

  2. Dropping by from MM and so enjoyed your photos and browsing around your blog. I have Instagram on both my Ipad and Iphone but haven't added that to my list of fun things to do just yet. Guess I should just go ahead and jump in with both feet. :o)

    Nice to meet you and I'll be back. Blessings to you!

  3. oh girl! this is fantastic!!! so happy for you and that new iphone. i'm telling you, instagram is too fun. enjoy.

  4. the iphone is worth it for instagram alone, yes? ;) love seeing you and your sweet family on my stream! :)

    1. I LOVE seeing *you* in my stream, too! :)

  5. YAY!! for the new phone:) I have an iphone but apparently I've been missing out on the instagram picture parties;) Will have to check into this! BTW LOVE all the pictures:)

  6. oh, rach! i love seeing your pretty face on happy to have you as a part of our picture party!

  7. Great post,I really like your article

  8. Have I mentioned that I love that you've joined the party on IG? Oh and that I love every one of your funny hashtags? #keepthemcoming

  9. I love that you've joined the party too! :-)

  10. LOVE me some IG!
    i hope that's okay! :)
    love your pics, darlin'!

  11. Oh I love me some IG!! It's soo addicting!!

  12. I love your pics on IG!! So happy you have joined the crew!



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