Wednesday, May 23, 2012

when ordinary swing dances with extraordinary

Tonight, after Si's bath, the two of us headed out into the evening sunshine. Let's be honest, I was ready to just put the kid to bed and eat a bowl of cereal while I watched something off the DVR. But I shoved that aside and pulled him in the wagon down our road and onto the trail. Homeboy giggled the entire way. To a three year old, wearing your gator pjs out and about is the coolest thing evah. And a wagon ride when you're already supposed to be tucked into bed is indeed the cats pajamas.

We're wild and crazy like that.

I brought my camera along because that golden hour light is as swoony as it gets. I snapped away as my kid grinned the biggest grin. The kind of smile that makes my mama heart explode into a million happy pieces. You know the one. Josiah hopped himself outta the wagon and played with sticks and threw leaves. We examined bugs. He hollered this is so much fun eight hundred times. He blew dandelions. His clean feet got dirty. 

And the entire time, that smile never left his lips. 

Mamas, if you're like me then all of our days are filled up with so much busy and necessary that it's easy to leave out the little special surprises. Can we try our very best to add some in? Pretty please. Even if it's something small. Because it's really not small at all. The twinkly look in my boy's almondy eyes is the proof in the pudding. 

So try it out, ya'll. Toss mundane to the wind for a few moments and get dirt between your toes. Wear those pajamas. Bring your camera. Or leave it behind. Create and embrace some unexpected and soak up each bit of the good that comes from it. 

I'm taking my own advice because I'm oh so thankful I didn't miss out on this :: 

wagon_-4 wagon_-2 wagon_-3 wagon_-6 wagon_-8 wagon_-12 wagon_-11 wagon 1 wagon_-9 wagon_-10 wagon 1-2
These are the moments that I hope Si will remember days and months and years from now. The simple and sweet ones that pop up between the mundane. The ones when ordinary swing dances with extraordinary. 

I know I will.


  1. It takes most of us years to learn that...I am so happy you are grabbing those moments now. AND photographing them! Si may not "remember" them, but the pictures will be that reminder!!!

    What a cutie pie!

  2. what a sweet little thing. great post, mama :)

  3. Lisa FinkbeinerThursday, May 24, 2012

    You are such a talented writer, Rachel!!! I haven't left any comments before now, but I read your latest each time a new one pops up on Facebook. Great reminders for me (I need all the encouragement I can get, as I tend to lean towards the Martha attitude of life rather than the Mary)and all moms - your son is a blessing to you and is truly blessed to have you for a mother!

  4. Love! And so true! I am trying to embrace this philosophy myself! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. hey rach!
    this is so perfect for me, because i'm SO not spontaneous like that, but i know i miss out on blessings in that whole process.
    you encourage me girl! thank you!
    and your sweet boy....SWOON!
    he is such a precious treasure!

  6. Beautiful! -And a much needed reminder. Thank you!

  7. yes - amen! melt my heart, his smile it is so contagious. beautiful pictures of your little handsome one!

  8. These photos are evidence that you two had a very special night, unplanned and all!

  9. Next time I don't want to do something like that I will think of Josiah's sweet smile and I'll throw caution to the wind. :) Thanks for reminding us!



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