Monday, July 2, 2012

and here we are

Some days call for confetti. Anniversaries celebrating me and my guy fall into that category. 

******this is me ******whipping handfuls ****** of it up into the air******

Seven years ago {tomorrow}, this good lookin' chap and I walked down the aisle arm in arm as hubs and wife. It truly was a beautiful day and a start to a wild, wonderful journey. 

down the aisle Cake Cutting Our Wedding 4

Melt my heart, we were cute. And smiley. I had a big ol' mushy crush on him that day. I still do. 

My hubs and I? We don't always agree. We bicker about stupid, silly things sometimes. But we always see eye to eye on the important stuff. Like Jesus. Our family. Chips and salsa. The Packers. 

One thing we don't see eye to eye on? 


I've never really camped before. Unless sleeping in a tent with my girlfriends in our backyards on random summer nights when we were twelve years old counts. But it doesn't. Josh grew up spending summer vacations in his family's camper. At campgrounds. In the woods. For weeks. He gets camping. He likes it. 

I hike in dresses, for Pete's sake.

Within a few weeks after we were married, Josh convinced me to spend a Friday night in his old family camper. I was deliriously in love, so I agreed. One of the bits that sticks out in my mind about that trip was him driving me to and from the bathrooms in our pickup truck because the restroom close to our site had pit toilets. Gag. 

The good memory I have of that night? The hammock. I love me a hammock. The trees were super close, but it worked like a charm. 

hammock camping b&w

Why all this camping chatter?

Because we're going. Today. For over a week. In a camper. With his family.  

Talk about pushing a girl into the deep end. Heaven, help me. 

I'm doing my very, very best to keep a positive attitude. To not complain. To have a smile on my face and a peppy song in my heart. I've got cute sandals, a stack of books, and yummy snacks all packed and ready for enjoyment in the woods. I'm diving into hammock-swinging-camping-happiness. Josiah is ecstatic and Josh is excited and I'm happy because they're happy. 

See? Happy. happy. 

If I keep saying it, maybe it will stick. And maybe I'll just surprise myself and the world and love this whole camper business. You'll know in a week. Pray for me, y'all. 

Happy seven years of bliss to my hubs! Hopefully we'll be celebrating our 8th this time next year. ;) You owe me one, babe. 

catch you on the flip side, 
Camper Girl 


So tell me. Are you a camper? Got any tips for this girl? I need 'em. Pretty please! 


  1. I grew up with my family doing the pop-up camper thing. Long trips out West amd East for 2-3 weeks at a crack. Yikes !!! When we got married Joel thought this sounded great - Me - not really not all the work it involved. We did it for about three years sold the camper and bought into a time share in Door county. My kind of vaca. Walking into the condo - already for you just unpack your food and clothes. Hang out in a swim suit all day, Sit by the beach read, swim, sail, sip on drinks, sleep etc.... So my dear friend I will pray that you have a great week. Doesn't it seem that when we think it is going be a yuck time really turns out to be fun!!! Can't wait to hear about it and see sonme pics. Hope you have electricity to charge your camera battery.

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  3. ok, i mispelled goes. :)

    oh dear, you sound just like me!
    my hubs loves to camp and so do my kids, but i am SO not a camper...unless it is the driveable kind with air and beds INSIDE.
    i think you'll like it better in a's the tenting that gets me.
    and the bugs.
    and the heat. ;)

    when you see how much fun Josiah has, it will all be worth it.

    you are/were seriously gorgeous!
    i love your dress and flowers and everything!
    wow! so pretty!

    happy camping!

  4. A camper is a piece of cake. You can do it!!! Just ALWAYS take a hat, so that when you don't feel like attempting to do your hair in that small bathroom, you suddenly take on the sexy ponytail/hat combo that men love! :)

  5. I am SO not a camper, so I feel your pain. Good luck!

  6. LOL!! Good luck with your camping!! I want to go on a road trip over Christmas, and my husband wants to pitch a tent every night. I'm not so fond of the idea...Maybe I'll be inspired when you come back! ;)

  7. LOVE the reference to our good ol' grade school nights in the tent!!! Watch out for "Jack the Night Freak"! :) Love ya, Rach! Have fun!!

  8. You are a brave, brave girl!!! I am so NOT a camper!!! Good luck chica!

  9. I was unlucky enough to go camping once and that was enough for me. It was roughing it at its best... cooking outside on a grill, roasting marshmallows, temps way to hot to be comfortable. So I resorted to doing what any city girl would do… I stayed in the motorhome – watching movies, reading and taking naps – most of the time, only daring to venture out as little as possible. I’ve been told that camping in a motorhome isn’t truly camping but so far as I’m concerned, it was camping at it’s best.

  10. You survived! Yeah, I like to camp ... but only for 1-2 nights. Maximum. Cuz then I need to shower. In a real bathroom. I don't like to camp for a whole week ... in a camper ... with my in-laws ... in the blazing heat. You are a rock star and the best wife around!!!

    PS - Love the hammock pic!

  11. You are so funny!
    Happy Anniversary though! You can just feel how happy you are in those shots.



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