Wednesday, July 18, 2012

on bulgogi and such and the shortest breakup in history

I am in looooove with the easiness that summer brings to meals here. Last night we had egg salad and cherries. Greek yogurt on the side. Glory, it was good. And quick. That's the kind of meal that makes my heart sing.

I made a pact with myself to keep stove and oven use to a nil, but tonight I had a hankering for some bulgogi so I broke my own rule. Best.decision.evah. I use this recipe and it's fast and so simple, it's ridiculous. Wrap it up in romaine and rice and you'll dance a jig right there in your kitchen, I promise. My tiny Korean was quite impressed with the moves I busted out tonight. The Running Man, baby. 

You know what else has me dancin' lately? The ten pound box of swoony blueberry goodness in our fridge. Having blueberry farmers as friends = hitting the summer fruit jackpot. There's nothing like reaching in and grabbing out a handful to wash and pop in your mouth whenever the mood strikes. Freezing a few of them for future baking is a possibility but our ferocious blueberry appetites may not let that happen. Time will tell.

blueberries summertime foods-2 summertime food_ summertime foods-3
In other news, we broke up with cable today. And then immediately got back together. We've been mentally preparing ourselves for a life without 200 channels and DVR. #firstworldproblem Netflix is all set up and ready to step in. But then the company went and offered us a deal with a price so low we couldn't refuse. Plus there's no silly contract hanging over us now so we truly can break up at any ol' time. While all is happy again, it's sad how companies like that work. You tell 'em you are leaving and nothing will change your mind and only then do they connect you with a bigwig who offers it back to you at a price that makes you gasp and grin and rekindle the relationship. Stinkers.

This weekend we took ourselves right on down to Kokomo, IN to celebrate the installation of a new pastor, who happens to be one of our good buds from college and Seminary - congrats Nick and Katherine! We got to hug the necks of some dear, blast from the past friends from the church we served at there. The trip was short but sweet and we felt right at home even though three years has past since we left Indy. They met Josiah and loved him to bits. They told us they missed us. They are precious and fun and the same as they were then. My cheeks hurt from smiling so big. Sandy, this is your shout-out, girl. Told you I would. ;) I'm so happy we made the trip. 

Also? I came across this photo of Si today and may have gotten a little weepy. 

baby Si b&w_
I mean, really. That wispy hair and those little lips and the one sockless foot. What I would give to smooch those 15 month old cheeks! And can I get an Amen for chubby baby wrist creases?!

Time is a stinker, too. It marches on way too fast for my liking. 

And with that, I'll wrap this thing up. 

What's your fav summertime food? Please share so I can add it to my shopping list! I'd hate to miss out on any of summer's yummy gifts. 

Happy eating, y'all! 

summertime foods


  1. Oh how I love the easy breezy days of summer too! I just pinned that recipe and will be sure to try it soon.
    As for favourite summer foods - Josiah has it right there - Peaches and Cream Corn on the Cob. Awesome. That and fresh raspberries. Yum!

  2. first of all, your pictures are SWOONY!
    teach me, please!? ;)
    and food...ahhhh yes, sweet summer it!
    i have an excuse to make cold sandwiches and have fresh fruit all the live long day!
    avocados are my FAVE!

  3. Toldja!

    I MUST meet Si in person. Well, and you. He reminds me so much of Calvey. I can't get over it. I just found a pic of him at around 18 months and propped it up on my dresser. I SO want to hold that baby again!

    I'm off to check out your bulgogi recipe...

    Oh, and we youtubed Pororo today. Silas was transfixed. I need to find more of those chop sticks!

  4. Very jealous of all your yummy blueberries and I agree our babies grow up way too fast. If you find the pause button, can you send it my way:) Favourite summer food around here has to be fresh peeled prawns (shrimp?) on white bread with maionaise and a swish of fresh lemon! Seriously yummy and fresh and no cooking and very Norwegian too!!

  5. I'm going to post some recipes soon. I love summer non-cooking, too! And we, too, planned to break up with cable then got a good deal. And, honestly, I didn't need much convincing.

  6. you've got me very interested in this bulgogi. sounds weird but i trust you! : )

    sweet, sweet pictures. i must say that asian babies are my favorite. don't tell my kids. lol. my niece is from china (she's 6 now) and i have several of her baby pics up because i adore them. ADORE!

    your si is so so handsome. love getting to stay tuned to your world through ig!

  7. That's pretty much my staple recipe too! YUM! If you ever decide to break up with cable, you let me know... I can give you a good detox program! We're at just about two years cable free here. It's a good thing. No, really... it is!

  8. yum!! hilarious that your cable break up was so short lived. We love not having it (we use a HD antennae and so we just get the basic networks). I always love visiting your blog and seeing your beautiful pictures!!

    oh and Paula Dean's tomato pie recipe is my new favorite summer recipe to use up those tomatoes from the garden!



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