Tuesday, July 10, 2012

survival of the sweatiest*

A film of dirt and sunscreen and sweat covers me and won't budge an inch. I smell like feet. There are 29 bug bites on the back of my left thigh. I have a picture to prove it, but I'll spare your eyes. You're oh so welcome. ;) 

We fell into bed at 3 o'clock this morning after 8 hours of driving and a week living in a borrowed camper. My first time camping brought a 105+ degree heat wave and I survived that beast. I declare that deserves some kind of badge. This girl can't sew, so I'll just duck tape that baby onto my filthy clothes. It's a miracle that I didn't pass out or hightail it out of there. Tears were only shed twice. I say that deserves a badge, too. Thanks be to Jesus for fans and ice cold water and swimming pools.

So yes, it was hotter than a burned biscuit out there. I may have complained a time or two, but who didn't.  Camping is not my thing, but family is. The week saw lots of smiles and laughs.There was adventure and lawn chair sitting. Love and sweat reigned. Here's the proof  ::

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See? I'm not a total camping scrooge. ;) 

Josiah loved every inch of the past week. The Preacher Man is happy to still have a wife. I'm thankful to be home sweet home. And even more thankful that the camper will soon be back with it's owner. Right where it belongs. 

I'm off to shower again. 


*title stolen straight from Miss Flower Patch Farmgirl 


  1. You DO deserve a badge! And a huge trophy to boot... I'm so not sure I could have done what you just did!!! And this post!? Hysterical! Hotter than a burned biscuit?! I'm so integrating that into my language. Pronto!

  2. I think I might enjoy camping but not like this, not in that heat. Maybe in October :)
    You are a trooper and definitely deserve a badge. I can't sew either so duct tape it is. Congrats on being home sweet home!

  3. And you totally deserve a medal of honor for surviving! I am SOOOO not a camper either. Brian grew up camping so we went one time for 5 days with his family (prior to children). It was miserable but also more fun than I imagined it would be all at the same time. And now Brian takes the kids camping for their birthday - it's their thing to do together (while I stay at home in the air conditioning). :)

    Looks like alot of good family time, btw.

  4. yah! you made it!
    i feel the EXACT same way about camping! :)
    but....my family doesn't, so i think we're in the same boat there.
    the pics are all priceless though, and i can't believe how close we were!
    i was raised 30 minutes from lacrosse and i live 40 minutes from baraboo!
    so glad you survived with minimal tears....that was the hottest week ever.

  5. You are brave!! camping in the heat is just yucky! I absolutely adore the one of Si sleeping! So precious! Have so enjoyed following you on Instagram!

  6. You only cried twice? Hallelujah, that definitely deserves a huge duct-taped badge! But the photos certainly show that lots o' fun was had by the kiddo's and that's what's important, right? Now you can revel in the fact that you're home sweet home!!!

  7. At least you had a trailer girl! You should see what we did... (check our cottage blog - we had a privy and everything!) But sounds like you were a survivor - and do deserve a badge - and an extra one for all those fantastic family pics!

  8. my dad grew up in Baraboo! How fun! although I'm seriously impressed you survived in that heat. I think I would have broke down and got a hotel w/AC! ~ElizabethH



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