Saturday, August 18, 2012

as seen in our backyard hammock

hammock ig_
This kiddo?! He is all kinds of wonderful. 

Even when the day is so soaked with hard and crazy that you could wring it out hundred times and still be knee deep in it all, his sweet grin and beyond-his-years words light our little world right up. He's a gift. 

When the sky turns pink at the end of August's days, we swing back and forth together in the backyard hammock. We chat and giggle and read and enjoy the quiet and each other. This simple time together is my favorite part of summer. Memories I'll keep my pocket the whole year through. 

What has been your favorite summer moment, friends? I'd love to hear. 

Be blessed this week!


  1. I love going to parks with my boy. Last summer, Max had just started walking, so a lot of the parks in our area were too big for him. I love seeing him explore new things! Your boy is adorable!

  2. Sweetest thing ever. :) I need a hammock!

  3. 110% precious right here. i need a hammock, stat. and some trees to hang it from! : ) you two are all kinds of adorable.

  4. Adorable. =) Love.

    Ahhh...favorite summer moment? Lol, sweet memories with my hubby. =)

  5. Baraboo Hills Campground:)

  6. Precious picture!
    As for my favourite bit of summer... Boating around with my family this summer.



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