Wednesday, September 12, 2012

break it down

Once upon a time, on a blazing hot and sticky Monday, we spent the day at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

And I failed to tell y'all about it. Shocking, I know, considering I've written here only a handful of times this summer. This is me turning that train around because I miss it and don't want to forget the things worth remembering.

So yes, the aquarium. It was a must-see because our Josiah YeJoon has a big heart for fish. If it lives under the sea, you can bet he knows it's name and attributes. Oarfish? Combtooth blenny? Humuhumunukunukuapua'a? He's got 'em down pat. He's freakishly good. 

Let's break down the trip with a list ::

1. My boy spent the entire day calling it "The Quail Men". He still calls it that. I shall never ever correct him.

2. The seagulls in the vicinity were scary-crazy-dive-bombing-vultures. I will forever have nightmares. 

3. The jellies, beluga whales, and dolphins were breathtaking. Amazing. I could've started at those beauties all day, which is amazing since nothing can keep my attention all that long these days. 

4. Other creatures, while wonderfully created, completely Exhibit A and B and C ::

 shedd more_ shedd more_-2 shedd 2-2
Gah! Creep-y. I can barely look. 

5. 99% of the photos I snapped are of the back of Josiah's head. 

6. We took a lunch break out on the grass overlooking the water and the city. Si showed off his best karate and hip hop moves while Josh and I stuffed our faces with sandwiches in the shade. Those nasty seagulls found us again. 

7. There were penguin costumes. Si waddled around the play area wearing one quietly saying "excuse me" and "be careful" and "hey penguin!" to the other kiddos who were wildly screaming and playing all around him. It was precious and oh so funny. 

shedd_-8 shedd_-6 shedd_-10 shedd more_-10 shedd_-2 shedd_-9 shedd_ shedd_-7 shedd_-5 shedd_-12 shedd_-13 shedd more_-12 shedd more_-11 shedd more_-4 shedd more_-7 shedd more_-5 shedd more_-6 shedd more_-9 shedd more_-8

8. We fell right into the stuffed animal buying trap that we always try to avoid like the plague. We broke down as we were waiting for the aquatic show to start when every child was waving their plush sea creature in our kid's face. Josiah is now the proud owner of a 12 inch beluga whale. 

9. The last time we went to the Shedd, Si was just a babe. 15 months of chubby cheeks and wide-eyed wonder. Even then, he was smitten. Those cheeks. They slay me. 

Si at the Shedd 4 shedd 1 Si at the Shedd 8 shedd 2
10. "Then and now" Shedd edition. 

11. I'm a sucker for "then and now" pics. 

12. Josh prides himself in seeing every single square inch of each place we pay money to visit. The man can cover ground like no one else. He didn't read one sign or learn a lick, but you can bet he locked eyes with every single creature. 

13. I was tickled to see my boy in his glory for the day. And he's thrilled because we get to enjoy many more days at "the quail men" this year. 

Lucky boy. 

Enjoy your week, friends!



  1. Man, oh man is that boy getting big. Love the then and now pictures. And the Quail Men, that's just priceless.

    1. I know! You blink, and he's bigger. Just like that. *Sigh*

  2. We had our first visit to a local aquarium two weeks ago and it was soo much fun! So great to see the wonder and amazement in their eyes and their cute little voices trying to describe everything they are seeing!!

    1. Yes, those sweet voices! Si still talks and talks about all we saw. So glad you enjoyed your own "Quail Men" with your boy!

  3. I'm with you - aquariums are full of wondrOus creations, but sooooo creepy! Love the then and now pics!

    1. Honestly, I could barely look at some of them! Ick! Thankfully, the majority at are lovely and mesmerizing. :)

  4. Your photos are beautiful!! What a fun day. And your last trip to the Shedd brings back lots of good memories!

    1. I will always cherish our first trip there! Thanks to my sweet Seoul Sisters. :)

  5. you are so cute. pretty pictures, too!! hunter has the same sub shirt! look at you mama... planning the clothes according to the outing. you rock!!

    1. You know it, lady! I'm all about coordinating while I'm still the one picking out the clothes. I dread the day when I'm not... ;)

  6. Gorgeous photos! I love the one of Si and the Josh in the glasses... great reflections! This looks like one really fun day!
    And sigh... look at baby Si!



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