Thursday, September 27, 2012

now I'm a believer

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These sunny September mornings beckon us outdoors and we answer the call. One particular one took us along country roads in the pickup truck all the way to the county fair. 

I've said it once, I'll say it twice. I may even say it thrice. I do not like the fair. 

Call me crazy. Debby Downer Party Pooper. Call me *un-American even, but it's the honest truth. It is the combo of the smells and rides and games and whatnot. Mostly it's the fair food smells. I want to want the elephant ear, but just can't go through with it. 

In my mind there was only one way to go and avoid all that jazz ::

Did you know the fair is a glorious sight at 9:30 in the am? The swoony morning light glows. It's quiet. It's positively enjoyable. 

I've been converted. Sorta. 

And now a list of my favorite morning at the fair bits :: 

family time with my two favorite people
little boys in big tractor wheels
freshly baked doughnuts. my buttermilk one was good 
cold chocolate milk
a ferris wheel against a bright blue sky 
tall windmills 
snapshots of me with my Si
the goats. especially the white ones. they're oh so pretty with big personalities to boot!
two kissing pigs
chippy red barns 
crazy camel expressions
wagon rides behind a John Deere 

But my most very favorite thing - although the doughnut nearly topped it - was the joy on Josiah's face. My kid could not get enough. Feeding the animals. Seeing the animals. Petting the animals. 

My little was smitten. The pics prove it. Take a look. 

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day at the fair_-11 day at the fair_-13 day at the fair_-14 day at the fair_-12 day at the fair_-20 day at the fair_-21 fair collage day at the fair_-5 day at the fair_-18 day at the fair_-6 day at the fair_-23 day at the fair_-10 day at the fair_-30 day at the fair 1 day at the fair_-3 day at the fair_-37 day at the fair_-40 at the fair_
I think it's safe to say we'll be back to the fair next September! 

In the morning. 

I'll do it for the kid. And the doughnut. 

*that was for you, Kelly Cole ;)


  1. We are going to the Texas state fair next Friday with out 6 and 3 yr old nephew. I will look for joy through them too.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous. So pretty I am almost convinced to go to the fair. almost.

  3. I actually love county fairs but even if I didn't, I would want to go just by seeing your gorgeous photos. Si is darling, as always. I love to see how excited and happy he is! And I'm glad you liked the doughnut :)

  4. Sweetest pictures ever~ you are one lucky momma! :)

  5. oh! for the love of all things cute!
    that boy sure sparkles!
    and so do you, especially when you're together. :)

    love it.

  6. i'm giddy happy for you. (and me) because i do not like the fair either. BUT! aren't you just a genius!! fair in the morning?? i'm in! lovely pictures, too, girlie! my heart flutters for ferris wheels and your siley. : )

  7. I, too, am not a fan of the fair. But 9:30 in the morning is a genius idea!



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