Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 1, an invitation

I am a simple girl with simple words living a simple life. 

So the notion of writing for the 31 days of October on one topic is nearly enough to keep me huddled under the covers watching reality tv and eating pumpkin loaves until November 1st. But I couldn't ignore all the winks He was sending my way. I tried, but they kept coming and nudging me here. So here I am. 

This series is so much less about teaching and telling than it is about learning and growing in truth. A truth that is too sweet not to chat about. Sharing it has nothing to do with me being a pastor's wife and everything to do with me being a sinner redeemed by a Savior. 

That Jesus takes this simple girl and makes her extraordinary. Every bit of good in me comes from Him. He shines. 

I'll be writing a few thoughts and words each day about letting His light shine. I invite you to join me! If you'd like to come alongside me here each day, please do. I'd love that. 

Deep breath. Here we go. 

late afternoon flower_

**To read the rest of the series, go here

**The Nester has rallied hundreds to share and write for 31 days. Go here and be inspired.


  1. Looking forward to all 31 days!

  2. love this, Rach.
    can't wait to follow along! :)

  3. Love it!
    Cannot wait to see all your posts.

  4. I love love love your blog! I read it before we got our referral...but once I knew that we too would be blessed with a handsome baby boy with warm brown Asian eyes I have loved it even more. It's like a little taste of what our family of three might be like. Your pictures are beautiful, your family beautiful, and your heart, even more beautiful. I will look forward to reading along as we wait for the final "travel call" this month!!!!

    Much love,
    Angela (aka Blessed Mama from over at Expecting a Blessing)

  5. Love it! Can't wait to read your posts this month.

  6. Looking forward to your series! I am writing on 31 Days of Living by Faith and it has been scaring the heck out of me. Last week, I was pretty sure every aspect of my faith was being tested all at once, but the series has begun and I'll trust God to bring some good out of it.

    Best wishes to you on your writing. Can't wait to read.




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