Wednesday, October 10, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 10, give them your smile

Today we're keeping it short and sweet, dears. 

One sure way to shine that is simple but packs a punch? 


How many people do we cross paths with And how many do we genuinely smile at? 

Look them in the eyes and offer up a kind grin. 

A smile makes you approachable and friendly. A smile is an invitation for others to chat with you. 

Proverbs tells us that a happy heart makes the face cheerful

Shine on, lovely friends!


Rebekah at a bit of sunshine hosts Ten on Ten each month. Which simply means snapping one photo an hour for ten hours and capture the simple beauty you find in your day.  

I like it. 

I've been meaning to join in since forever but always end up forgetting. This morning, I remembered. So here's a peek into our Wednesday :: 

ten on ten_ ten on ten 1 ten on ten_-2 ten on ten_-3 ten on ten_-4 ten on ten_-5 ten on ten 2 ten on ten_-6 ten on ten_-7 ten on ten_-8
1. starting the day off right 
2. rocking the balance beam during music and movement class at the library 
3. such a ham 
4. 25 cent treat on our errands run 
5. workin' on Sunday School stuff 
6. adding some Fall to the mantel 
7. an afternoon snack 
8. he.loves.books 
9. cuddled up under blankets playing games on Daddy's iPhone 
10. crunchy leaves make me smile 

ten on ten button


  1. Rach,
    Enjoy your daily posts this month. Thanks for that.

    I have been doing ten on ten too.

  2. Seriously, what kind of camera do you have?? =) You take such beautiful pictures -- and I know some major talent on your part is involved, but I'm looking to purchase a new camera, and any camera that helps me take pics will assist!

  3. Really beautiful shots.
    I love the colors and easy lightness about them.
    he.loves.books is my fave- such joy!
    Wonderful set :)

  4. Gorgeous pics! I'm loving Jesus Calling right now too!

  5. I love how clean and bright these are! What a great set! Your little boy is adorable! ;)

  6. Love your pictures! Your child is beautiful, and exudes happiness.



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