Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 13, share the love

sweet si_
My Josiah is a happy, loving, sweet little darling. He truly is. 


He's got his quirks. 

One of them is that he is a hoarder. 

You should see under his bed, y'all. It's a hot mess under there. What's funny is that he isn't shoving junk underneath there when I ask him to pick up his room. 

Nope, that's where the little squirrel puts his most prized possessions.

Which include, but are not limited to ::

fish toys
anything Angry Birds 
gum. lots of gum. Thanks Grandma! 
flash lights
my makeup
two pairs of Nemo undies
random papers
hockey pucks
golf balls

If he loves it and it fits, it's doomed to a life under the bed. Poor lovely things. 

I tried to remedy the situation by giving him a cool box to put only his most special things in. That lasted about half a day and he was back to his old crazy antics. Stinker. 

Me: Why are you putting all your favorite things under your bed, Josiah?
Si: I don't want anyone taking my things.
Me: Who is going to take them? 
Si: You know.....people. 
Me: But don't you want to play with them? How do you even know what's under there?
Si: I do play with them. I just put them back when I'm done. That way I always know what's under there.
Me: Oy. 

I blame The Preacher Man. After weeks of wondering why Si was doing this, Josh fessed up that he had told Josiah that he hid things from his three older brothers under the bed. 

And now Si proudly carries on the hoarding tradition. 

I'm working on breaking it. You betcha I am. 

So that's the lesson here for us?

Don't hoard, y'all. 

Your best gifts? Share 'em. Don't hide them! 

I'm talking your talents. Your personality. Your home. Your time. Your stuff. Your money. Your love. Your faith. 

Don't tuck your best away and keep it all to yourself. Live generously. Give freely. 

Share the love, dears. Share the love. 

*To read the rest of the series, go here.


  1. you are totally on a roll, girlfriend!
    i absolutely love this.
    and one of my boys is a hoarder, (kinda) too. :)
    share the love...yes.
    love this.

  2. oh i love this! ollie has turned into quite the hoarder too.

    but i never thought of myself as a hoarder...but you are right! we can hoard our talents and love and everything else!

    thanks for this!

  3. I love finding my kids stashes. So amazing that at the young ages of 3 & 5 that they already have little private lives.

  4. Oh this conversation made me giggle!!! sooo funny!! What a precious little man he is!

  5. That's so cute - I always find stashes of things in Alex's pockets. Mainly rocks and fishing jigs. Such a boy.



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