Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 17, this little light of mine

little rachel_ 
As a rosy cheeked girlie with long crimped hair and twirly dresses, I would sing This Little Light of Mine at Sunday School, skipping along the sidewalk, riding in the car. My young mind couldn't grasp everything that went along with letting my light shine but I did know how singing that song made me feel - special. 

Jesus will do that to a girl. He will take an ordinary little person and make her unique. Set apart. Extraordinary. Exceptional. 

In so many ways, I am forever that young twirly girl. I still don't understand it all and never will, but I do know that being His child makes me feel one of a kind special. The God who created the stars and the mountains and said let there be light and there was, adores me.



That is all kinds of awesome. 

So let's share it, friends. Keep on shining for Him. 

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  1. this post is SO sweet! love the pic!

  2. not sure how i missed this, but i love it.
    i love that He knows me and loves me despite of my constant falling short and sin.
    don't know how i'd navigate this life without Him.

    keep singing, rach. :)



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