Saturday, October 20, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 20, she shines

God has blessed me with a fantastic extended family.

We have this insanely strong and unique bond. We all love Jesus. We're fun. We're weird. We love each other to the ends. 

They are my people. And they rock my socks off. 

One of my people is Bethany. As her older cousin, I used to burp her and read her books and push her on swings. And now she's gone and had the nerve to grow up on me. 

Sweet Beth is a senior in high school and just last month she was crowned the Homecoming Queen. I wasn't one bit shocked because her kindness and genuine spirit and big smile make her so beautiful and lovable. 

She shines, y'all. 

And after this year? She wants to be a teacher. But before she dives into earning her degree she plans to go to Africa. To share the Good News of Jesus.

Be still my little heart, I'm so proud I could cry. Bethany tells me she looks up to me, but the truth is that I'm the one who wants to be more like her

On a whim over the summer, Bethany asked if I would take her senior pictures at our family cottage. I was extremely honored and humbled.....and nervous. I'd never had a *real* photo shoot before. Thankfully she is so darling and wonderful so my job was easy as pie. 

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Bethany dear, I adore you. You are beautiful inside and out. 

Keep shining, sweet girl! 


*To read the rest of the series, go here


  1. Great job on the pictures. You look like u could be sisters. By the way i saw her announced on the football field.

  2. She's so gorgeous! And you did a fabulous job with these photos! Amazing. Both of you.

  3. ok, so i'm a catcher upper stalker on your blog today!
    these are fantastic...and miss Beth is completely RADIANT!
    shine on!



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