Thursday, October 25, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 25, words are a shiny gift

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.” 
-Emily Dickinson 

A few months ago, twenty ladies of all ages squeezed into my little living room for a Thirty-One party. They sat on folding chairs and giggled and pointed out their favorite prints and bags as they munched on the snacks and desserts that I quickly whipped together.

To kick off the party, the sweet consultant had each of the gals share something that they appreciate about me. One by one they looked me in the eye and spoke such lovely words to me, about me. Words that filled up my heart until the tears poured out.

It was something else, y'all. 

These women are all friends of mine. I know they like me and enjoy our time together. But to hear them say the things they love most about me was completely wonderful and overwhelming and humbling. Truly, it was. I'm certain my face was beet red the entire time. I'm not used to being the center of attention. But I loved it. I made my way through the crowded room hugging and thanking them all for being so darn amazing. 

Words are powerful, aren't they? We abuse them or withhold them or hurt with them all too often. Ick! But we can also show great love with them. 

So today share your loving words freely, dears! Get on your cell and call up that sweet friend to tell her exactly why you love her. Or if you live close enough drop by with a coffee so you can give her a hug and tell her face to face. You'll bless her, I know it. 

Carry it on and share those kind, thoughtful words with your mama or dad. Brother or sister. Neighbor or pastor or anyone you wish. 

Forget about having a big speech prepared. Just share your heart and the words will come. I promise those words will be shiny gifts that will make someone's day. Or week. Or year! 

So go on. Scoot! There's so much loving to do. 

You won't regret it. Pinky swear. 

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  1. I really need to keep this in my head... I get busy and quit thinking of ways to serve my friends. Thanks for reminding me! Xoxo!!



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