Sunday, October 28, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 28, rest

Sundays mornings are always, always full and we come home from worship tired in the best way. 

The afternoons mean home and family. The rhythm is slowish. Dinner is as low key as it gets. Football is on the tv. SiGuy plays games on the floor. Josh sits in the recliner, while I hog the couch and read underneath piles of blankets. I doze for a few moments or nap for hours. We'll spend time together in the yard or go on a walk around the circle. 

Sabbath means rest and rest we do. We soak it in and store it up for the upcoming week. The God who spoke let there be and there was, is the One who gave us this example. The Sabbath is important to Him, so it should be important to us, too. For a few hours we set the busy aside and simply be. We rest our tired hearts and bodies and minds. And it's good. 

There is no guilt. No rushing. No urgency. 

I need this rest. I crave it. 

Our weeks can be filled to the brim with much. Too much, sometimes. 

And in order to shine brightly and give of ourselves freely, we need to recharge and refocus.

Embrace it, friends. Whether it's on a Sunday afternoon or a Saturday morning or a few hours on a Thursday. 

Whenever it is, He call us to rest and meets us there. The stillness is a gift. 

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  1. After hearing about the sabbath from our pastor in multiple sermons, and then with Paul's broken ankle, we finally headed this advice. For the past few months Sunday afternoon is our time to just be. A time to connect and a time to relax. It makes so much difference. I'm so glad you have this time too!

  2. taking a sabbath is so very important!
    i love how your sundays sound. :)



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