Monday, October 29, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 29, to the ends

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My Mother's Day present from my boys was this map

I took it upon myself to order it since it's just easier that way for everyone (ahem Josh). The map may have sat in the corner of the living room for a few months, but the hubs did get around to hanging it in August. He built a frame around it since we're all fancy like that. Don't look too close, though, since all the nail holes still need to be painted. 

But it's up! And it's big. A showstopper. The colors are delicious. I love it.

Josiah likes to stand on the couch, point to random spots here and there and proudly declare I was born there. Right there. In Korea! He's only three but he's starting to understand that the world is so much bigger than his every day. That Michigan is just one tiny pin on the map. 

There is so much beyond our little world. There are so many people to reach. 

I look at this map, this world and Jesus' words whisper in my ear go and make disciples of all nations. He didn't suggest that we go, he commanded us to go. Take the News and go. 


Maybe for you going means Africa. Maybe it's Asia or Florida or San Francisco. Maybe it's the Piggly Wiggly on the corner or the post office just off of Farmer Street. Maybe it's your own front porch. 

Wherever your going is, take the Gospel to the ends. Take it and watch as the reach of His Light covers and pushes you to keep moving. To keep sharing. 

To keep on shining. 

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  1. He has been pressing this on me a lot lately.
    He wants me to go, and i feel like HE's got big plans around the corner, i just don't quite know where/what yet, but i'm listening.

    you're speaking my heart right here tonight.



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