Tuesday, October 30, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 30, carved

pumpkins 1 pumpkins_ pumpkins_-3
We drive down dark roads and spot them perched on front porches, their big toothy grins and triangle eyes glowing.

When I see those carved pumpkins I think of Jesus. And how we're like a big patch of pumpkins.

We may look all pretty lined up in a row, but we sit filled up inside with yuck - jealousy, pride, greed, selfishness. Heavy with sin. 

Thankfully we weren't left that way. Jesus came and removed all of our ugliness. He scraped and scooped every last piece of yuck right out of us. He carved our hearts, forming and fashioning to make us new again. 

Carved pumpkins are nothing but shadows in the dark without a light. 

And we've got the best light source around. 

He shines on through us. Brightly. Boldly. 

Every single day of the year. 

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  1. :) Happy Reformation Day !!!! Great devotion yesterday from you. Thanks !

  2. Agreed - what could be a more perfect (and timely) analogy!
    (p.s. love how your photos catch ever detail!)



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