Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 31, love wins

love wins
Well, dears. I made it. We made it.

High fives! 

31 days chatting about letting our light shine. Actually it was 29 days, but whateves. Truth be told, around day 3 I was already feeling a tad overwhelmed. I think I hit my stride around 7, faltered at 18 and by 26 I was scrambling to type out as many relevant words as I could squeeze from my tired little head. 

And here we are. I mentioned before there was not going to be some big huge culmination of shiny wisdom. And that's true, but I do have this nugget that I hope you'll carry with you. 

You will never regret sharing His story. You won't. You'll never look back and think darn, I shouldn't of told her about Jesus. I shouldn't of loved her. I shouldn't of been kind to her. Letting your light shine for Him is not going to leave you empty or with a guilty conscience. Not.gonna.happen. 

Will we sometimes feel scared or nervous or alone? Will we sometimes feel like the world is fighting against us? Will we fail? Of course we will. But it's in those times that we need to cling to Him. 

Will we regret it if we don't share Him? Guaranteed. 

Bottom line. You won't regret letting your light shine. 

Hold on to that truth, friends. 

As my head hit the pillow last night, the words love wins kept tumbling around. I fell asleep with a smile on my lips. 

Love Wins.

Love saves the day, every day. 

The one and only reason we can even shine is because of Jesus and His sweet victory. What a comfort. And what a relief that the salvation of others - and ourselves - does not rest on our weak shoulders. 

He doesn't need us. He already did the hard part. But He loves us and you can be sure He wants us to stand with Him. He wants us out there sharing the news of his Love. He wants us fighting tooth and nail and loving others fiercely. 

You can be a wallflower. You can try to fly under the radar. You can coast on through life and go through the motions. 

But it's so much sweeter if you don't. It's so much more rewarding for everyone if you stand out. If you shine brightly and boldly. It you do hard things. If you stand up for Truth. If you go all in. 

So shine on and on and on, dears! 

You won't regret it. Promise. 

*To read the rest of the series, go here


  1. You did it!!! And I really, really loved every day. Big or small. Thanks for sharing yourself, and Him, with us!

  2. Great job, dear! You made it!! It was great. Now, go turn it into a book. ;)

  3. Best one yet! :) Great series Rachel, what a blessing you are to us all!

  4. you did it! so proud of you!

    and yes love wins. and yes being a wall flower is safe. i say it's better to at least try and risk crashing and burning if it's for God's glory!

  5. Awesome series and perfect ending. Just the reminder I needed too.

    Thanks for shining for all of us - it most surely will help me shine for others.

  6. I really enjoyed reading all of these! Thank you for sharing :-)



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