Monday, October 8, 2012

31 Days to Shine :: Day 8, when your world seems small

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Today as I picked up the same toys for the hundredth time and started up the dryer and then drove around doing errands, I thought about my life and how my world can seem so very small.

It stretches from our country house around this horseshoe street into a town that's a mile wide and a mile long. With two stoplights, mind you, that everyone tries their darndest to avoid. Some days it's me and my two boys and the mail-lady in her rusted out blue car. Other days, friends and church people and neighbors and town people. My days are made up of housework and little boy things and church stuff and the like. Small could easily sum things up and tie it with a bow. 

Part of me used to think small meant insignificant. Not so important. 

But I was wrong. 

Because He is here. 

In the stack of folded whites. In the hands that scrub pans and smooth blankets at bedtime. In the favorite book that's read twice and the Candy Land match. 

He is in the e-mail to a friend. The Facebook status. The conversation with the operator over the phone. The handwritten note and the donation and the prayers. 

He's in the please and the thank you and the so happy to see you. The knowing smile to the mom with the tantruming toddler in aisle 4. The wave to the old man on the sidewalk. 

He's here when I speak kindly. When I choose to love and serve my husband each day and listen actively to my little one's ideas and stories. When I compliment the receptionist's pretty nails. When I invite someone along or stop by just to say hi.  

Because everything good? It's Him. His handiwork. He takes hold of my smallness, shines brightly through my ordinary and creates exceptional beauty. Small overflows with purpose and influence. 

We don't need a big audience to shine, friends. But, please, shine your light bright like you have one. Your family, your friends, your neighborhood, and those you don't know by name will be so blessed by it. 

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. Colossians 3:17 

Do those small things with great love


If you find yourself with 10 minutes and a hankering for some fall swag, I invite you to make yourself a little leafy garland. Better yet, make two and deliver the extra to a friend who wouldn't expect it. 

The Home Depot has a slew of leaf paintchips that are begging for someone to snatch them up and use 'em for something good. So grab a handful in your favorite colors, tie those pretties up with twine, and hang 'em high.

I promise you'll love it.

Place some pumpkins in a bowl underneath and you're all set. 

leaf garland_ leaf garland_-2 leaf garland_-3 leaf garland 1
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  1. i loved this post! i love small! Jesus came as a small baby and came to the earth in a stable. and the angels arrived to the shepherds, not kings! i think he's trying to tell us something there.

    those garlands are so cute! very creative!

  2. lost in laundry, ironing, picking up toys, dreaming of my days before kids, before gaining 60 pounds, when i would run every day and make art and live in organised rooms, feeling of so small and insignificant and then i read this...i needed this today wioth everything in me! Thankyou, i am so excited about this 31 days, i have found some lovely blogs through it, yours being one of them! xxxxxx

  3. Great, great reminder. So easy to get mired down in the ordinary every day.

    And what a cute garland idea! Great framed print too!

  4. this is my favorite so far.
    does it get any better than this?
    i don't think so.

    and the garland is pretty stinkin' fantastic, too! :D



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