Tuesday, November 13, 2012

four and more

Our Josiah YeJoon turned four today. I told him not to, but he up and did anyway. 

The birthday celebrations included a weekend visit from grandparents, ice cream cake, stripped wrapping paper and blue balloons. And Angry Birds. The kid is flat out crazy about them birds. 

I can't believe my baby is four.

Truly, I can't. Last night, long after he had fallen asleep, I tip-toed into his room and smooched his cheeks a half a dozen times as I prayed over him. And then I cried a few tears as a curled up in bed and Josh didn't even need to ask why. 

Josiah is a gift. I say it often and I'll keep on saying it because it's the straight up truth. Because that's what I think when I look into his almondy eyes and kiss his round face and sweep his hair from his forehead. Every time. 

This boy is all kinds of special wrapped up in brave and wonder and joy. 

Happy Birthday, Love. We're so thankful your story has woven into ours. How blessed we are. 

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  1. Happy birthday to a precious 4 yr old.

  2. Ok it is too early in the morning for me to be a crying blubbering mess! What a beautiful post about your amazing little guy. Everyone always says they grow up too fast...I'm find that to be way too true. No matter what, they'll always be our babies!!! Happy Birthday, Josiah!

  3. SERIOUSLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! Hope Si had a FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!! SO MUCH LOVE! SO MUCH FUN!!! HUGS from across the pond!

  4. Happy Birthday Josiah!!!! Cheers to many more - but not too fast :) hee hee!!! :)

  5. So well said Rachel. I feel your heart for sure. My buddy has that same shirt and he calls it his "hungry birds" shirt. They both look good in red!

    1. Hungry birds! Love that. When are we going to get us and our boys together??

  6. what a sweetie. i love how you love him.

  7. Happy Birthday to Josiah! Why didn't you listen to your mommy and stay 3?! Oh well, I guess you are growing up. Congrats on all those awesome pressies, and I looooove these photos!!!

  8. this just fills me to the brim.
    every.little.piece. :)
    happy birthday, sweet one!

  9. Happy, happy birthday Si! I love all these photos of you (and your mom and dad)! The joy of the day radiates from them, and the sweet words of your Mama. I'm wishing you your best year yet!

  10. I hope you had a wonderful birthday little Josiah!



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